Eliquis - Can I Split A Pill In Half?


Can I cut a 5mg eliquis in half, instead of getting the 2.5mg ones? I need to reduce the dosage after a successful ablation. Please comment. Thanks!

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Can I split a 10 mg pill of Eliquis in half?

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Does the tablet have a score line? It appears that the Eliquis tablets are film coated according to what I see on DailyMed. If there's no score line then I would not recommend it.

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Eliquis does not come in a 10 mg. tablet, just 2.5 and 5 mg. 2nd Eliquis is not scored, 3rd Eliquis is not film coated, just a simple compressed tablet. The tablet is so small it would really be difficult to split evenly.

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What did your doctor tell you to do? If he/she told you to decrease your dosage, why can't they give you another Rx? I don't think Eliquis is a drug you can or should cut in half.

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Are there any Eliquis patients out there that previously took 5 mg tabs, Rx lowered to 2.5 and cut 5 mg tab in half? The cost of 5 mg tab and 2.5 mg is the same!! Interested in hearing from anyone whose MDs support cost containment allowing for cutting tab (with appropriate product that contains any particles). Tx.

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MD had me cut 5 mg tabs in half for a month (taken for Factor V Leiden heterogeneous). Worked out just fine using pull cutter with blade in container. Very little particle remained (put in applesauce to make sure I was getting it all). At next visit Rx formally changed to 2 5 tab which is exactly same cost as 5mg pill. (Around $550/month). Rx insert for MDs, plus research yields that pills are NOT time released (can crush, put in liquid, etc). Logic, ethical Q's about big Pharma and $$$ driving Q. If was safe enough to cut 5mg in half for a month - what is logical reason to mandate smaller, same price med? Eliquis was approved to go generic in 2019. Big pharma (Pfizer) was successful in extending sole patent rights until 2023. "New" Medicare Rx negotiations not expected to take full effect until 2026.

Alternatively, has anyone switched to getting Eliquis in Canada? Much reduced in $$.

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Hi I have a 3 month supply of eliquis 5 but my heart Dr now wants 2.5 for my atrial fibrilation. Can I cut in half with my pill cutter daily?

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