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I was taken off of Xarelto and put on Eliquis 2.5mg twice daily. Everything seemed fine. Then my cardiologist increased the dose to 5 mg twice daily because she said I should be on a “regular” dose. Within a day or two, I started with shortness of breath upon the least exertion. Also, I became constiipated. I continued until I became so debilitated that I decided to lower back to the 2.5 dose. By this time, the shortness of breath had a life of its own. Anyone else have this reaction to Eliquis?

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Hi Marilynn, Sorry to hear about your reaction to the medication. Medlineplus.gov lists the following symptoms as side effects of Eliquis (Apixaban):

-trouble breathing
-feeling dizzy or faint

Source: medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a613032.html

They go on to note that if you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately or get emergency medical treatment.

I hope you get around to feeling better soon!

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Yes, shortness of breath and muscle weakness and fatigue. I'm devastated, had to stop going to exercise class. Now use mobility chairs to go to grocery store. Wasted time and money going to see cardiac and breathing doctors.

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Hello, Thanks for posting the FDA info on Eliquis. I am SOB and sleep in a chair now at night. Started after Eliquis, 5mg x 2 a day. I talked with the Stroke Neuro and the stroke Cardio about this and they told me that Eliquis does not cause shortness of breath. They said I have to be on it for life. If this is the case, I will have to stay in the house and become housebound because they will not listen. I al so cough a lot ad use a box of kleenex daily. I would go back to warafin in a heartbeat if Doctor would prescribe it;. I will ask for albuterol in halers to help keep my lungs opem (if they are closed) I am trying to help myself. and my family. Hello Eliquis!!!!

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Yes. I was constantly short of breath. Pestered my doctor for a year and she never picked up on Eliquis. After reading all these posts about getting off the meds and breathing getting better, I stopped taking Eliquis 6 weeks ago and notice no improvement. Now I'm on baby aspirin and hope that's enough.

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Why were you taken off xarelto.Was there a problem? Can you not return to xarelto?

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Sorry to hear. I had shortness of breath from Elequis asked my doctor to put me back on Coumadin. No problem he did, however, I still have shortness of breath but nothing compared to Elequis getting ready to have an angiogram gram to check for blockage. I have two stents was on Coumadin for 7 years never had a problem. Insist your doctor listen or get s new doctor. ????????

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My dad's been off the eliquis, which caused him to pant like a dog, shake uncontrollably, eyes roll back in his head, thrown back, always to the right. That was three weeks. I stopped it. 2 yrs later, breathing almost normal unless excited, shaking to a minimum, but he still gets those same fits, very minor, every now and then. He just had one as I put him to bed, we had to wait in the wheelchair for it to pass.

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Go to different doctors. The doctors you are going 2 do not care about you tge patient. Yes you need meds but not a med that is causing you such problems.

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i was on 5mg 2x a day and caused severe nose bleeding i cut to 2.5 and it stopped but dr wants me back to 5 for pre op heart prep si dont know what to do

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I have been taking Eliquis for 4 mos.after having blood clots in my leg.I have had shortness of breath and unable to do anything which I think must be because of the drug.Scared to get off of it but can't cope with these side effects.

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I am taking Eliquis 2.5mg I have shortness of breath, muscle weakness and constipation. Dr I’ll tell you it is not the Eliquis. I have AFIB and have had a small stroke. I finally found a great cardio electrophysidust atMsss Gen in Boston. He just put a Watchman filter in my heart and in 45 days I can stop taking Eliquis. I will have to take a baby aspirin every day.

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2 1/2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with 4 pulmonary embolisms and a clot in my right leg. Was in hospital on Herarin for 3 days and sent home on Eliquis and Liprinosil. Today is my 14th day on Eliquis. Past few days were not bad, shortness of breath from time to time but last night I started having a bit of difficulty breathing and still am. Not as bad if I am laying in bed on my stomach or sitting upright in a straight back chair. However, in my recliner or walking around it sucks. I am severely overweight and it seems to have started after I ate supper last night. For the first time in a while I over ate and felt bloated and over full. Anyone else experience this?

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