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What is the average cost of this cream, if in fact they do have it available? I would want "30 grams, Elidel 1% cream". Thank you and I would want to purchase it in Algodoness Mexico near Yuma AZ. ## Hello JR, According to various purchasing websites I was able to find Elidel cream 1% (30g) for between $288.69 and $316.26. This is prior to any sort of rebates, sales or coupons. I'm sure that if you were to do some more browsing you would be able to find an even better deal. Unfortunately I can't give you a pricing for anywhere in Mexico as I do not speak spanish and have no access to the local markets there. Hopefully another user in the area can give you a better idea, in the mean time you can consider the online prices. I hope this helps. Just post a reply here if you ...

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Sir/Madam Please tell me the AE(American equivalent drug number ) of the following drugs ..The insurance Premera Blue cross is asking me cause they said they cant reimburse the drugs that I bought outside the US without the (AE). pinaverium bromide 50mg essentiale forte vildagliptin galvus 50mg ## Can you please help to find the ae number for following 1. Elidel Cream 1% GM 2. Fucidin ointment 2% GM 3. Ataraz 10mg/5ml, 4, Betaderm Ointment 0.05% GM ## I was prescribed 4 medications in Mexico. I need the American Equivalent (AE) Drug Number for my insurance company. I only have hand written information. The prescriptions are: 1. levoflonacino 2. metamizol 3. rosel (or rojel) 4. amblonol/dextrometorfano jarabe

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