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My sister started using this new topical solution for a mild case of fungus on one of her toes. She claims that since she began using it she's developed really bad headaches. Is this possible? Can this topical solution have a side effect of causing headaches? ## Hello, ElleT! How are you? Efinaconazole, also known by the trade name Jublia is a topical antifungal medication that's most commonly used to treat Onychomycosis, which is a fungal infection of the toe nail. Since it is topical, very little is usually absorbed into the body, so side effects are generally limited to topical reactions, such as skin rash, skin irritation, burning and itching. Yes, it is possible that it could cause headaches, but not very likely, because as I said, you don't usually absorb much medicati...

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Is there a nonprescription drug with the same effect? ## Hello, JB Baby! How are you? There are some over the counter antifungal products that are effective, but it depends on the severity of your condition. Some cases are severe and don't respond to the over the counter products, since they are weaker, and require the more potent prescription medications. Has your doctor prescribed this for you? Since it's used topically, the side effects are usually related to that and, as listed by the FDA, may include redness, irritation and a burning sensation.

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