Efficacy Of Oxybutynin And Urinary Incontinence


I've had been given a puba vaginal sling and bladder suspension a month ago. I'm now taking Oxybutynin 15 mg and I still experience leakage. Why?

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Hello, Kelly! I am sorry about the problems you're experiencing. Has there been any change?

What was your specific diagnosis? That could help explain why you are still experiencing an issue.

Additionally, no procedure, or medication, even if FDA approved, is guaranteed to work for 100% of those that try it.

Are you on any other medications?

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I had a tilted urethra and falling bladder. Had urethra sling and bladder suspension. Now there's no physical reason I should be still leaking. First follow up left me with an oab diagnosis and oxybutynin script.. which doesn't help. I have another follow up next week and hope for a different medication. And fingers crossed it helps!

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