Effectiveness For Nerve Pain From Ankle Fusion Surgery


My primary Dr. Prescribed Metanx for my nerve pain from ankle fusion surgery.I've taken it for 30 days and haven't noticed any relief.will this work and if so how long before effective?

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Hello, Marsha! How are you?

Metanx is classified by the FDA as a medical food that supports nerve health. However, what that means is that it won't actually relieve pain. Its typical side effect is usually just nausea, due to the potency.

Have you informed your doctor that it isn't helping? You will most likely need a medication that will actually help with nerve pain.

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What state do you live in?
I have found HYBRID-X cannabis oil, in a syringe, (ruce grain dose) into a veg-capsule, is the bullet for ANY nerve damage or pain.
I lalready tried Pensaid patches and Gabapentin.
The patches fall off and Gabapentin, over time, caused severe depression, crying, so I was weaned off it.
The medical mj pharmacist, sat with me in a room and chose this for my arachnoiditis.
I called her the next day to thank her. She said,"I love my job because I know I will never kill anyone."
Gabapentin is the new 'scary" med to be mindful of.
Cannabis oil, ZERO worries of OD-ing and the effectiveness is uncomparable.
I have 0 nerve pain anymore and mine was through the roof.

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