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Will ESB Bufferin ever come back on the market? Bayer does not work as well.

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Extra Strength Bufferin (ESB) contains 500mgs of buffered aspirin. Have you ever tried taking 2 regular strength buffered aspirin. I think its effects would be similar to taking an extra strength one?

CVS still sells it's version of "Buffered Regular Strength Aspirin Coated Tablets" OTC, containing aspirin (325mg) + calcium (35 mg) + magnesium (40 mg); which appear to be the same ingredients found in the extra strength version (just at different dosages).

If you run a google search for "buffered aspirin cvs", it should come up on CVS's webpage for more details.

I hope this helps in any way!

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Thanks, but I've been buying Bayer Buffered extra strength during the hiatus. It's ok, but not nearly as fast or effective as ESB.

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