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I have a URI and received a free sample of Dymista. The first time I used it, I sneezed 20 times in a row spread out over a minute. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried it again. Same reaction. Not only do i sneeze but i feel miserable and have to blow my nose for the next 5 minutes. Could I be allergic to this medication? I've never had this reaction from Flonase, which I know is fluticasone, one of the main ingredients of Dymista. Maybe it's the azelastine that triggered the reaction? Has anyone else reported this reaction? ## Yes, the sneezing and nose blowing due to excessive mucous have been reported by others that have tried it. It just might not be the right medication to help you, since your symptoms are so severe. You may also experience headache, change in taste a...

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I had an upper respiratory infection in January since that time I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis. I have had a CT scan that reports all is clear. I do not have deviated septum and my ENT says there is no infection. The most recent drug he has proscribed is Dymista. After about 30 minutes after I have sprayed it into each nostril, a thin mucous begins running down the back of my throat. I spend the next four hours hacking to keep it out of my lungs. The mucous also burns my tongue and of course, my throat is sore. Is this how Dymista is supposed to work? ## Hello, Bill! How are you? Yes, both the soreness and the discharge like that are listed as normal side effects for Dymista. You may want to ask your ENT if there is anything you can do about. Is there anything else I can h...

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