Drug Interactions Alfa And Beta Blockers


i take flomax and a beta blocker....one is a alfa blocker....i was told that they should not be taken together..thanks

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i said i take flomax for prostrate enlargement and i take atenolol a beta blocker for high blood pressure...the flomax is a alpha blocker...i was told the 2 should not be taken togather....vacation in thailand but reside in mexico...also i saw on the web that flomax does not reduce the size of the prostrate and only advodart does...but very expensive...hope this info helps...thanks

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No, the medications can be taken together and it is often beneficial to do so, in the case of some health conditions.

Learn more Flomax details here.

Learn more Atenolol details here.

And the way the Tamsulosin in Flomax actually works is by blocking the alpha receptors in the bladder neck and prostate, this causes a relaxation of the smooth muscles and thus, less resistance to the urinary flow. So no, it doesn't actually help with the swelling/inflammation.

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Flomax has an affect on the requirements for cataract surgery. If you don't ever need the surgery it may not be a problem. I quit flomax when i found out and my eye doctor indicated i had only marginally affected my eyes. I only take avodart. I've been able to function okay w/o surgery despite DRs description of prostate as unusually large.

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I take Zoloft and Atenolol daily, is it ok to take Zicam for 48 hrs to help with my cold?

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