Drixoral Cold & Allergy Out Of Stock?


This is a green 12 hour extended release pill. I have to sign for them at the pharmacy. I can't get them off the shelf anymore. Lately they have been out of them & that is all they tell me. What is going on with them? I have been to several pharmacies with the same results. They are the only thing I have found that truly works for my sinus allergy problems.

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Since it contains Pseudoephedrine, which has become such a problem and the reason that mandated these types of products be kept behind the counter, the company has decided to discontinue its manufacture.

There are other products available that contain the same ingredients, so your pharmacist should be able to recommend a suitable alternative.

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Some people make methamphetamine with these kinds of OTC meds, which is why they are harder to get.

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Same here! The only thing that works and they are getting rid of it!

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Has anyone found another over-the-counter medication that helps you as much as Drixoral did? We really miss this product! Please advise!

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A company called KVK Tech supposedly has the rights or patent or whatever to the Drixoral active ingredient of dexbrompheniramine maleate. I’ve been emailing them for years and they’ve done nothing with it - they keep telling me it’s coming, but nothing. think it’s a miracle drug they are keeping from us because it would put so many other drugs out of business. Big pharma. Look up KVK Tech and that active ingredient or Drixoral substitute. That’s why I think they pulled it. If it was hurting people, we’d have heard about it. If it had pseudoephedrine they could have just made it be a prescription again, right? Where are the investigative reporters???

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