Does Buspar Show Up Positive For Benzos


does buspar show up positive for benzos in a urine test?

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That said, not it will not show up as anything.

However, if you have a prescription, just let them know and you do not have to worry about it.


It is not a Benzodiazepine!

Do you have any other questions?

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I dont have a rx for xanax but it showed up in my urine. I have heard that it is possible it could be from buspar. HELP please.

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It will not show up. I know because i get them prescribed, plus i get klonopin prescibed as well, and i ran out of my klonopin and got drug tested and no benzos showed up.. So no, buspar will not show up as anything.

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Does Trazadon show up as positive on a the drug test cuz I go to a Methodone Clinic

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You should stop doing that too, its a waste....
Its a waste of you and the resources....

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