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I started taking Eliquis a few weeks ago, my biggest complaint is insomnia! Anyone else have the same problem and if you did, what did you do, what did you take to fall asleep? I've tried Tylenol PM - seem to have to take 2-3 to fall asleep. My doctor suggested Melatonin, I bought the 10mg, that didn't work either... Any suggestions?

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Hello, Charlie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. Has there been any improvement, yet?

Most side effects are transient and will go away in time, once your body gets used to a medication, but that can take 4 to 5 weeks.

As reported by MedlinePlus, other typical side effects for Eliquis may include nausea, headache, trouble breathing, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. [1]

Have you tried avoiding caffeine and other stimulants in the evening, including sugary foods?

You may want to speak to your doctor, again, and ask about trying a low dose insomnia medication, for awhile, such as Ambien.

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On Eliquis and can't sleep. Doc said try melatonin, well that didn't work. He prescribed Trazodone 50mg. Just today. Hope this works.

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Yes. I have been taking it less than a week and have had severe insomnia - WIDE awake. Also restless legs.

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I am hoping that the 4 to 5 weeks "body gets adjusted" analysis is correct. What I am doing in the meantime is taking a variety of things in order to prevent getting "tolerant" of anything. I take a benadryl one night, a melatonin another, and Ihave some left over..years old sleeping prescription. On a doctor's advice I go to bed taking nothing..Often I fall lightly asleep for an hour or so. When/if I wake up I take a minimum of the med. seems to work so far. Not a complete answer.

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I’ve been on Eliquis since my heart ablation and have had insomnia every night. Lucky to get 2 hours sleep. What have you done to get sleep?

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The same thing is happening to me, I am on the same dosage. I have to take a 0.50 Xanax is order to get to sleep Tylenol pm does not help. I am going back to the doctor soon.

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I had an ablation 3 months ago and haven’t been able to sleep since either. I also have been taking Eliquis since last fall and hate it because it makes me jittery.

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Doesn’t melatonin interfere with Eliquis and increases your chances of increasing bleeding I know when you’re on Coumadin you cannot take melatonin ?

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Nothing worked for me, except Xanax, I had 2 take a .50 every night to get to sleep.

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I am having the same problem. Insomnia. Tylenol PM does work for me but understand it’s not good to take with Eliquis. I just spoke to the doctor and he prescribed Ambien. Now went on line and checked Ambien vs Eliquis and it says not to take together. Side effects of both not good. Looking for any answers.

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Ok, i just got off of eliquis and i also could not sleep when taking it. My doctor prescribed xanax .50 mg that i would take every night and this is the only thing that worked for me. I tried Tylenol pm, every sleeping aid out there, nothing worked but the xanax. Now that i am off eliquis, i can now sleep.

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cannot fall asleep 3 weeks after taking eliquis. Thinking of switching to Xarelto but was told Xarelto also cause insomnia. A

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Yes. I started eliquis a few days ago and almost immediately started having difficulty falling asleep and urine with very bad smell. None of this is on the list of side effects of the drug

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It causes me to have restless legs as well.

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Hello came across your review. I currently on eliquis and my body will not let fall alseep was yours completely not falling alseep this is very scary

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Hello when you experience insomnia was it complete insomnia like as if your body just would not sleep

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Hello did you figure out what to do with having the insomnia was your body totally not Going to sleep

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Did you ever find something that worked to help you sleep? My friend is sleepless to the point of nausea and delirium and can not function. She has been maybe able to sleep 4-5 hours a week for months now on Eliquis. It is severely impacting her life

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