Doctors In Central Texas Who Will Prescribe Pain Medicine For Constant Back Pain


I have a lot of issues with my spine, and am constantly in pain if I'm not laying on my stomach. It's ruined my posture, and its ruining time I should be enjoying with my daughter. Doctors are all too afraid to even look into it and wont take anything I say seriously . I am near Fort Hood .

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Hello, Breezyxbee! How are you? I'm sorry that you're in pain, no one should have to suffer.

Unfortunately, there is no listing of doctors according to which ones will or will not prescribe pain medications that I can refer to for you.

And what type of doctors have you beens seeing for it? You most likely need to see an orthopedic spinal specialist and a pain management specialist.

Does anyone know of any good doctors in that area?

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If you don't mind driving down to Austin than you should look up Dr. Shockett who isn't scared to prescribe the right pain killers depending on the amount of pain you are in.

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I need help getting off of clonazepam, if I cant get a prescription ,please veging x help! I am so afraid of the withdrawn symptoms! I live in Amarillo texas

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Hello, I lost both my legs and when I was getting pain meds I saw about 6 doctors in 10 years. I know all of them would as long as you have mri or paper work. There are 3 in mckinny and 1 in allen texas and 2 of then in richson tx I was getting 180 30 and 180 of vicodin. my email is {edited for privacy}

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I hope you have succeeded. However, when getting off of those you should taper off. If you don't, withdrawal will ensue. Maybe get help from a Dr to help. I had many seizures from trying to stop taking that.
My thoughts are with you

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I have 3 herniated discs and the onlt medication I get is tramadol...... which it doesn't even come close to relieve the pain.
Do you happen to know of any in Austin?

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Hello...I am so sorry for your pain. I have fibromyalgia disgnosed 12 years ago, 2 bulging cervical discs, and chronic atypical facial pain and migraines secondary to a facial reconstruction that was done following a car accident. I was treated for many years at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio with nerve blocks and a variety of pain meds - the doctor frequently switched the meds so i would not become immune to their effects. Ive been living in western colo in a very small town for 4 years with no help at all and have been in. Onstant pain. Im planning a move to Fort Worth this summer and hope to find a doctor who will help me find relief. I am 65 and have to go back to work after a very sad divorce from a husband of 34 years. He is in Cleveland and stopped paying any spousal support last year - the reason for the move is that i cannot find a job or doctor here, where I live with my 82 year old sister. I am worried, though, that if i have no pain relief, i will not be able to work. And I need to work to suppirt myself, and to save up money to go to Ohio to find out why my executive ex-husband is not paying any support. I am desperately looking for names of docs anywhere within a few hours drive of DFW who are willing to help pain patients in a compassionate way...and if not that, at least prescribe meds. Thank you for any help you may give with names of docs...and good luck with your health issues, and again I'm so sorry for the loss of your legs. I used to work in physucal rehab centers, and know how difficult your situation can be. Dee

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Re: Bud (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Bud. I am in Plano. Can you recommend the doctors in McKinney and Allen for chronic pain? Thank you

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