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I have a d.o.c. Ordered u.a. On tuesday and i have been taking methamphetamine since last tuesday until this thursday. My last use was at 3:00am this saturday morning and i need to know the most 100% accurate way to clean my system by tues. at 9:00 am? ## I used methamphetamine about 42 hours ago have a drug test today at one oclock. will i pass if I've been drinking lots of fluids? ## I took methamphetamine last night and probably have to drop today. What's the best thing to do so I can pass my drug test? ## methamphetamine is accepted as ok and you should have no problem (behind BARS) ## Forced acid diuresis, i went into detail about this elsewhere. We use it in the hospital for quick elimination. ## Eddy you are an angry and hideous person...why troll a forum like this, if yo...

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