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Is Disobrom an excellent substitute for Drixoral? Is it available OTC and/or Scrip? ## Disobrom contains the active Ingredients: DEXBROMPHENIRAMINE MALEATE + PSEUDOEPHEDRINE SULFATE According to the FDA and the manufacturer "Sandoz", Disobrom has been discontinued and is no longer available. Referenced from: The following drugs have also been noted to be discontinued (which includes Drixoral): BROMPHERIL; DISOBROM; DISOMER; DISOPHROL; DRIXORAL PLUS; RESPORAL It appears that the ingredient "Dexbrompheniramine" is the reason for being discontinued; as Pseudoephedrine is still largely available via prescription. Have you asked your doctor about other alternatives? ## Found substitute for Drixoral and it WORKS. Tried all the rest they don't work!Allegra-D in 12 hour or 2...

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