Diltiazem Hydrochloride Extended Release Capsules


Not sure what they are for.

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How long does it take for diltia XT 180mg to leave your system and side effects to subside?

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My doctor started me on Diltiazem HCL time released beads 240/CP24 in January of 2012. Over time the meds continued to make me dizzy and the headaches would come and go. My doctor said it was my body adjusting to my blood pressure. My BP went down but not as much as I wanted. My insurance plan covers this med so I don't have to pay for it.

On 3/24/11 was not feeling well because of the headaches and dizziness so I went to the ER. The ER doc asked me why I was taking Diltiazem......I told her that's what my doctor prescribed. My heart is fine. After checking me out she prescribed Hydralazine 10 mg and I was discharged. Took them the next day and there were no headaches. Saw my primary doctor that following Monday he told me not to take the Hydralazine anymore and put me back on Diltiazem but changed the dosage to ER 180mg. Took this on Tuesday and my head felt like it was filling up with pressure, the sounds in my head was a roaring sound and my entire head hurt. The left part of my head on top above my eye was throbbing. Called my doctor's office told the girl what I was feeling and she said she would page the doctor. About two hours later she called me back and said the doctor said to take 2 Advill every 8 hours. That was it. Has anybody else had a reaction such as this to Diltiazem either the HCL 240 dosage or the ER 180 dosage??

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I have the same problem wirh diltiazem, daily headaches and doc says stay on it. When I went to er they said it was muscular take tylenol and ice it. Had a cat scan it was normal. But my head dont feel normal. I dont feel like me anymore. Feel worse since i started the mess. But they say BP ok stay on it. They arent listening to me, my head hurts everyday and its hard to get thru the day at times. I understand how you and some others feel. Wish the doctors would.

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Sierra, I take Diltiazem ER 120mg once daily and I have headaches almost daily same as you. My home delivery script got lost in the mail for close to one week and during that time I was without this med. The headaches went away but returned immediately when I began taking the med again. I have not yet asked my dr. if there is another med he can try me on. I have been diagnosed with heart palpitations and this is why he added this particular drug. I will say that it has helped with the palpitations.

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How long does it take for the drug diltiazem-XR to leave your system? I am 62 5-10 170lbs. Thank you.

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My blood pressure goes up to 153/91... 137/74. This medication is horrible and doesn't treat the heart rate... I have (svt). What is the best medicine for this?

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Ur blood pressure does not sound not that high. Was is svt?

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Try lower dose or go on regular not long acting dosing

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