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Hello, I have had C-Diff and have taken Dificid for it. The drug works very well when I take it but then the diarrhea comes back when I stop taking it. Does anyone know if I can take Dificid all the time to control the diarrhea? ## No, it shouldn't be taken just for that. You need to consult your doctor to see if you still have C-Diff and if so, how to eradicate it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I hope that they do not keep you on dificid for diarrhea. I think that will destroy all of your good bacteria. I am going to finish my prescription tomorrow (10 days) and am hoping I am done with the c diff.

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shortness of breath and hip pain ## Hello, Mary! How are you? Have you been diagnosed with C Difficile? Are you being treated for it? I'm sorry, but your post isn't very clear, so I can't help you without your providing more information. This is an infection that causes an inflammation of the large intestine, usually it occurs due to antibiotic treatment and mild cases can be resolved by discontinuing the culprit antibiotic.

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How long does it take for dificid to leave my system. when can I retest stool specimen to see if c diff is gone! thank you ## Hi Sandy, According to pbm.va.gov, Fidaxomicin (Dificid) is said to have "poor" bioavailability. It is also reported to have an estimated half life of 10-11 hours. With that said, every 11 hours one can simply divide the dose you took in half, then half of that remaining half, etc at each passing time interval in order to estimate how long that particular dose will be working in your body before being excreted. I don't know how long you've been taking Dificid for, how many doses you've taken, or if each dose cumulatively builds up over time, so those are also factors to take into consideration when determining if the medication is still presen...

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