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Where can I buy didrex over the counter without a prescription needed? ## Where can I go to get them over the counter? I have to drive to another state to go visit my doctor for the pills please help!!!! ## Where can I go to order Didrex over the counter with no substitutes? ## My doctor refuses to help me...I have gained over 40 lbs while taking an antidepressant, and i need something to help kick start me into weight loss to reach my previous weight. ## Where do I buy Didrex over the counter? ## Is didrex available without a prescription? ## Where can I purchase Didrex from Mexico over the counter?

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I just received a prescription from my primary care doctor. I asked him for it and he agreed to a few month trial and monitor blood pressure. I'm about 50 pounds overweight. I had taken didrex in the 80's and it worked well! He prescribed benzphetamine a generic form. It has the same effect as the brand name I used to take. It is pink, round and stamped with k40 on it. I'm sure there are other generic brands. The answer to is it banned is no, but my pharmacy had to order it. It's certainly not banned in tennessee! ## It is still available, as a generic, as you said, but many doctors prefer to use more recently discovered medications that have undergone more safety testing. The FDA warns that you should not imbibe in alcoholic beverages, while taking this medication, due ...

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Pink tablet ## I need to find a pharmacy that carries these pills - Didrex 50mg. Does anyone know about their availability? ## In the past I took 50mg didrex that I had received through a doctor, but I lost information on it and would like to take didrex again. How do I find out about its availability? ## My doctor retired unexpectedly. Now I dont know where to get a prescription for Didrex. Can somebody share info? Much appreciated. ## How do I get a prescription for the 50mg didrex? I use to take them for my weight, but now my doctor is no longer my doctor since he retired. ## If you get a prescription from your doctor, it can be ordered by your pharmacist. It only took 3 days for my pharmacy to get it. 60 didrex was only 84 dollars. However, I checked and they were only 35 dollars fo...

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This BIG BROTHER, NANNY US GOVT has banned Didrex. I can't imagine a more effective diet medication, though I had noticed in recent years, it was not as strong as it had been in years past. So, my friends, that's that. ## @jmm512, I haven't come across any official announcements by the FDA or articles of information stating that this was actually banned; except by the NCAA and other sporting organizations. If this is true, did you ever find out the exact reason why they banned it? Or do you think it might've been due to their inability to maintain quality control over the past few years? ## Two pharmacists have told me. The brand is no longer being manufactured. Why? I have no idea, except New York State is Big Brother and is monitoring everybody and everything. It's...

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Ever since the generic Didrex (Benzphetamine) has been out, my insurance company won't cover the actual Didrex, but only the generic. I dont know who manufactures them, but they dont work, and if you dont get to swallow with enough water or liquid, they taste like crap. Main thing is they are just what they say; "generic". Only the actual Didrex pills work in aiding weight loss and appetite control, and both requires a doctor's prescription. ## Have you tried asking your doctor to write your prescription as 'brand medically necessary', or whatever the equivalent is in your state? Then, your insurance has to cover it and the pharmacy is not allowed to give you a generic. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and it may cause si...

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I was given a diet pill that is round and orange. It is stamped BP 650. What is this pill? ## generic didrex ## I actually have some the last person was right it's didrex ## generic didrex ( diet pill) ## How much do these pills run for one months worth?

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I took Didrex years ago like 1978 to1982 . I found it worked well on my appetite and energy level ## Hi Greg, I don't mean to get off on the wrong foot, but when the following three words are used in the same sentence "internet, pharmacy, and safety", the first thing that comes to my mind is SCAM. And while there are a handful of sites that require you to upload a copy of your prescription before checking out, most of those web-based pharmacies are unlicensed and unreliable when it comes to actually getting what you paid for. If you want to obtain this medication legally here in the US, it's going to have to come in the form of a prescription since Didrex (Benzphetamine) is a Schedule III controlled substance. The medication itself doesn't appear to be banned or anyt...

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Does anyone have a Dr that prescribes Didrex for them? My Dr in Los Gates CA retired and I need a new one! I'd prefer to stay within Coastal Central - Bay Area out to Fresno (3 hr drive). I would love to have a Dr that will also help by phone if necessary. Want real spots!


I was unexpectedly drug tested last week. I volunteered because I knew that the only meds I had in my system were prescription only. However, the MRO said that there was an amphetamine level and a meth level. I explained that I take Adderall but he said that the Adderall did not cover Meth and they were two separate readings. If I have not used meth, how can that be possible? Could the lab have made a mistake? ## Well, you need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist, and see if the adderall or anything else you are taking could cause a false positive. Did you give full disclosure of everything you were taking either prescrption or OTC when you took the test? ## I went to the Dr. about a week ago and they gave me a drug test (urine). The only medication I take is Phenterimine 37.5 and Hydr...

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