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I'm a collage student. I started taking memo plus gold last week..time goes by, i felt a slight headache and now it became serious. I never take any drugs or multivitamins. Is it the effect of memo plus? Should i continue to take it? Thanks in advance 4 ur answer. ## Hello, Princess! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, but it's fairly potent, so it may cause side effects such as this in some people. However, it is very important to make sure that there is nothing else causing your headaches. Have you consulted your doctor? ## hello i have the same problem 1 week of taking memo plus gold i experience head ache. should i stop using it? ## I guess ung mga post regarding na walang side effect ang memo plus gold eh di totoo my husban Used it for 3 days and need to sto...

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What are the possible side effects when taking memo plus gold for 3 months? Thank you in advance for the reply. ## Memo Plus Gold is a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of vitamins, as such, it is not tested for side effects, as is done for actual prescription medications. Has your doctor advised you to take it? ## can i take memory plus gold a day before the board exam??board exam na kasi namin bukas e. ## mag aral ka mabuti yn ang payo ko sayo ## When this is effective when I take this supplement? ## ok lang bang i take ang memo pls gold kada exam ko lang. i mean umiinom lang ako nito pag exam ko di po continue ang pag inum ko ng memo plus gold is it ok?? ## What is the best time take the medicine on memo plus gold?i am a instructor on College school,how long it cn be tak...

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I am a student and recently I haven't been able to remember my lessons after studying and also I am experiencing forgetfulness everyday. So then I looked up the effects of memo plus gold. I started to take MPG this week (since monday 10/17/2016) and it's been 4 days now, but in 3 days of taking MPG I had a headache and I feel as though I'm going to have a fever because of too much aching. Is this natural for taking it for the first time? Please answer because I want to cure my forgetfulness. Thank you! ## Hello.. ask q kc im taking memo plus gold kaso nga s halip n makapag aral aq. Ang nangyayari after taking memo plus ay sobrang antok. Ok b yun? ## I started taking memo plus gold early this year in preparation for the bar exam in November but see no positive effects. I took...

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Is heraclene 1mg for my 6 yr old son good for him to increase his appetite? ## what is the function of heraclene capsule? ## Hi! my son is already 3year pld.. first time i heard that vitamins? does it really help to increase his appetite.?He doesn't eat much even milk, But his weight not really bad. Please give me some advice how to improve his appetite. If you recommend heraclane, how effective it is, is there any side effect? ## My son is 15yrs old pwede na po ba sa kanya ang 3mg..salamat po ## Matanong ko lng po,pwede bng khit ilng buwan mag inom Ang ank ko sa heraclene 1mg Yong ank Kong 8 yrs old?at sa 16 yrs old na ank ko anong mg pwede sa knya? ## I find HERACLENE as the best appetite enhancer. My 3 yo son is still using it until now for 5 months already...(but not continuous)...

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I am looking to find more information about this and whether it is safe for infants to take as a supplement? ## any supplements given to an infant should be discussed with your health practicioner. What you think may be helpful can have serious toxicity due to their immature liver and kidneys. ## is mosegor vita good for my son? he is 3 years old now. ## Have your doctors prescribed this for your children at all? According to a related discussion thread (Mosegor Vita Capsule) this is a nutritional supplement (and MIMS states that it is an appetite enhancer for helping with weight gain). I agree with mcrn that any supplement or medication given to an infant or child should be done under a doctor's supervision. What I would recommend is for you to visit the related discussion that I j...

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cherifer premium ## what other medicine shall I use for me grow though i am already 17 ## where i can buy growth enhancer? ## IT IS OK IF I USE THIS CAPSULE I WANT TO GROW MORE IM 24 YEARS NAMAN.. ## sinong specialista na doctor pwd mag ask to take the cherifer premium pra ma check ang blood if it is compatable tnx... ## I'm using cherifer premium for almost 2 months but still no change on my height.... ## kakasimula ko lang ng mag take mg cherifer capsule... hopefully it'll work...(finger cross) anywayzzz... i'm 13 and 5'3 (girl) quite small though... (i'ma lil bit jealous of my classymates'z height hehee) lol ## im already 27 and im taking cherifer premium! do you think it is effective in my age. i must gain 3 cm only. tnx ## cherifer is only a food suplement.....

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indication ## Propan with iron is a nutritional supplement used as an appetite enhancer for any condition that may reduce ones normal appetite. It contains: Buclizine HCl 25 mg, Fe sulfate 80 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, vit B1 10 mg, vit B12 5 mcg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 5 mg Side effects are listed as drowsiness and nausea. Do you have any other questions? ## Is it okay if I will take propan with iron together with conzace that contains vit. A,C,E and Zinc? ## Hi um can i drink propan to reduce my appetite but i have a gastric ulcer that's why im lossing my appetite so is that ok or no and is it safe? ## Can i take propan w/ iron even i'm taking losartan, vits b1b6b12.. & myra e 400 ## Hello po, pwede po ba ang propan with iron sa mga mababa ang hemoglobin? ## Pampataba po ba ang ...

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memory enhancer ## please sent me again how to get this product.thank you.... ## Hi! Would it be ok to take memory gold plus If taking other medication such as blood pressure pill or cholesterol pill. Is there a drug interaction? Thanks! !! ## i would like to oder memory plus gold, pls. tell how and where ican buy it ## There are no contra indication and side effects. I have been taking Memo Plus Gold for almost 2 years now. I am satisfied with the help I get for my memory and concentration. ## I`m just 16 and i would also like to take memory plus ... I`m an accounting student and i find it difficult to memorize our lesson especially in our accounting subject...do you think it will help me enhance my memory.. please reply ## I've been taking memo plus gold, i have normal bp before t...

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Little white oblong maybe with C F8 on it. It's supposed to be a mood enhancer. Is this true? If so, what are the possible side effects? ## A white oblong pill with C on one side and F|8 on the other, reportedly contains 20mgs of Citalopram hydrobromide, marketed for use in treating anxiety and depression. For verification, the manufacturer/distributer is listed as Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 59746-0544. I hope this helps!

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First get an advised or prescription from ur attending physician. We have our different history diagnosed and the causes of illness. I was diagnosed in SGPT of 110u. My doctor prescribe me a Sylimarin (Steinbach brand) to cure in 10days for my final medical abroad. He said its either fatty liver or chronic liver disease like hepatitis.(please google cause by liver disease) he advice me to eat only grilled fish without using any edible oil, eat fruits, no meat for curing period. For 10 days i only grilled fish in a grilled pan, steamed green camote top leaves(talbos ng kamote) daily for my every meal. I eat random vegetables (gisado lang without any meat, use only few drops of patis to taste and black pepper. Avoid using and eating excessive of salt or enhancer like betsin or guisa flavor m

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it is a purple capsule with OxyE AND 3 WHITE STRIPES ON IT ## This is an over the counter supplement, the company makes both a liquid and capsule form. It is claimed to be a cellular oxygen enhancer, however, like most of these products, it is not actually proven to help with anything. Has anyone actually tried this product? ## I've been taking OxyE for about 10 days. I have way more energy I have energy all day. and have lost 6 lbs. in the 10 days. The only side effects i have is slight sweating. I figure this is from a higher metabolism. Other than that I would say back off of it on workout days, It dose raise the blood pressure a little. But I love it.... ## ya ## The capsule being described is called OxyElite Pro made by USP labs, a thermogenic weight loss product. ## I have use...

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I have celiac sprue and have problems taking any pharmaceuticals. My physician wants to find the source of my excessive coughing and has ordered a swallow test that requires me to drink several types of Barium products. I have spent days researching the ingredients for the Varibar Thin Liquid, The Varibar Nectar Thick Liquid, The Varibar Honey-Thick Liquid, the Varibar Pudding Thick Liquid, and the Barium Tablet (Pill). I plan to contact the manufacturer as well, but want to research the ingredients first. I am kind of stumped on the last two ingredients in the Barium tablet such as the microcrystalline cellulose and the povidone. Sources have said these may contain gluten. Are there better products to take for contrast in this type of testing under the situation I am dealing with?

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Dx: prostate cancer getting CT of abd/pelvis, need to take omnipaque as oral prep what side effects should I expect ## Hi Hardy, The most frequently reported adverse reactions with Omnipaque are headache, mild to moderate pain including backache, neckache and stiffness, nausea, and vomiting. These reactions usually occur 1 to 10 hours after injection, and almost all occur within 24 hours. They are usually mild to moderate in degree, lasting for a few hours, and usually disappearing within 24 hours. Rarely, headaches may be severe or persist for days. Headache is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting and tends to be more frequent and persistent in patients not optimally hydrated. Does this help answer your question? Please post back if you have any other comments or concerns regarding...

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I found a bunch (30-35) of these capsules in my BF luggage. He recently was out of town, and I think forgot that these fell out from their container and were all over his suitcase. He said they are an enhancer of some sort (sexual?). I don't know and he's not helping with this either. ## Are there any markings on them? If there aren't, it may be difficult to determine what they contain. There are 2 over the counter possibilities that I can think of, one would be concentrated fish oil and the other would be Cranberry supplements, however, without markings there is no way to know for sure. There is also a possibility that they are a foreign medication or an illegal substance. There are some THC products, from other countries that meet this description. Was he in the U.S., when...

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can you give me possible drug interaction between memory enhancer herbal med.-memo gold plus and HPN drug tenormin,is it safe to use these two? ## Memo Plus Gold is very safe to use. It is an herbal supplement that can be safely taken in addition to medicines, vitamins or supplement. There are no known side effects or contra indication even with drugs for hypertension. ## First,is the memo plus gold safe and good for a 7yr old boy with autism?next,is it also safe because I have skin problem and i sometimes take anti-allergy?lastly,I work in night shift,what time should I take the capsule?? ## How to tke memo plus gold .. im 21 yrs old.my exam is on july 17.how many capsule can 1 take every day..aft. Meal po ba or bfore meal tym.wla po ba side effect .qng itigil . kc po sometyms umiinom....

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I don't know where the lot number is on the bottle. I am trying to find it. ## Hi Andrea, The following link by NIH has a detailed image of the product packaging (from 2013) for Turbersol that may offer some clues as to what the lot number is and where you might find it: dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/drugInfo.cfm?setid=a4a732e9-b8ee-4e6d-8b9a-6a9d2c36bfcd Looking at the example packaging on that page, there are several sets of numbers / letters on the "box" (not bottle) depicting a reference to something… the one's I noticed immediately were written out as follows (but each in a different place on the box): 2028821 299 (L) C00L0T Barcode: 349281752216 0000000-299 I question whether the '(L)' may be referring to a lot number, seeing as it also says "L0T...

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I just wanted to ask if its really true that if you take memory enhancers and then youll gonna stop using it u tend to be forgetful twice as before????? I had a lil knowledge pertaining to this supplement and i wanted to clarify maam because as i aged i tend to be more forgetful more often, and im quite scared that mybe this is already a sign of what they call alzhaimer'???? .... i also notice that everytime i tried to brainstorm my head aches. .i know dt the best thing to do is to consult a doctor but im just hoping maybe i cud still find a remedy through those memory enhancer supplement Hoping for your rply, god bless nd more power

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right hip injection with fluoroscopy with naropin, celestone, isovue ## Hello, Nancy! How are you? From the information I've found for the J Codes, you should bill frequency by dosage given to patient, such as Isovue-300, 125ml is given, code Q9967 X 125, the other code is Q9966. But it would be best to double check and make sure that this hasn't changed. The FDA classifies Isovuew as being a contrast agent. Typical side effects to its administration may possibly include inhibited blood coagulation, renal impairment and it could promote sickling in patients with sickle cell anemia. Is there anything else I can help with?

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i found a little bottle with asian lettering on it, a yellow "120" being most prominently displayed amongst the letters. it also says "evil root" on the label. lol. The actual pills have a pinched off oval shape with a stylized "C" followed by a "120" and they are a yellow color. any ideas what this stuff is? ## Hello, Spam3! How are you? Since these are from a foreign source, it is rather difficult to confirm what they contain. However, going by an alert I found provided by the Australian government, Evil Root is something that's sold as a male enhancer, but it is considered illegal in most countries, due to the fact that testing found it to contain the undeclared drug ingredient Sildenafil, which is the same medication as in Viagra. As a matter of f...

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How often must I take Natru for men and after how long will the results start showing? ## It's listed as a natural male enhancer, so it's not an actual medication. Unfortunately, the only website I found from the manufacturer doesn't actually list the ingredients or any specific details, they just make a few claims about what it does and then have the order form. Learn more dietary supplement details here. What are you hoping it will do for you? Maybe if we start there, I can find some information for you. ## Have problems with erectile disfunction. Has this product been tested safe for high bpressure etc related to yhis problem /

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