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How does this pill work? I am the caretaker for my mom who has type 2 diabetes. Sometimes, when she stays home because she does not feel like attending the daycare she is reluctant for me to call the home health agency to come and inject her insulin which is at 13 units per day. I have had incidents where she has raised BSL close to 600 range and I start panicking !! Is this pill fast acting? the issue with my mum is that she won't eat same amounts day to day. So, I have to be constant monitoring the blue pill intake. I worry she might have a stroke when showing this BSL. She always says she feels fine when it happens but I believe the inside of her body is the one in danger. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thank you.... ## Well, one solution would be to learn how to i...

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Big round red pill with letter R engraved on one side and the other side blank ## need an id on this too. child at my daycare consumed it and vomited soon after. described it as round, red, small, and with a capital R. not a gel capsule, a round, flat pill with domed sides. ## Also need help with this, got from friend said it was Tramadol 225mg, but cant find any information about it/cant identify it so i doubt it is tramadol......

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