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Why was DEXTROPOPOXYPHENE (DPP) rcemoved with such minimal evidence? What is it's replacement? NOTHING IS as Effective! What were the ulterior motives here? Who was set to make a fortune with an alternative?

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Well, to be honest the evidence wasn't minimal. There were repeated proven reports of its cardio-toxicity for years and many people who suffered severe injury, or lost loved ones to these cardiac events had been putting the evidence together and presenting it to the various drug agencies for years, trying to get them to pay attention.

And as to its efficacy, that was also very questionable, because it is actually just a very mild narcotic and there are much better and safer ones on the market.

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What you may not be aware of is that when such evidence is compiled and taken under consideration, it is done for all of the most closely related drugs, so it wasn't just that evidence for Dextroproxyphene that was used, but also that for the other derivatives, such as Propoxyphene, which was available in the U.S.

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Sorry, but I do not buy your argument and still question the ulterior motives. Who do U represent? We know US business too well. If you cannot best them with a superior product, litigate them out of the market. Apple is a prome example. You cannot dispute the RSA situation: Not one fatality in 25 years of the product in South Africa! Mainly because the controls were greater here than in the US where scripts can be dispensed to get the patient off the doctors back. And as far as efficacy goes, its amazing that most of the complaints of the shortage came from homes for Aged and intensive care units. Just ask the Pharmacies how many people are crying out for a product that is as effective as the DPP based ones were. NOTHING exists at present. I have lived with the issue for 2 years now & will understand if the suicide rate climbs up owing to people not finding a suoitable pain relief therapy. On your heads FDA!

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