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I read many postings about how the DF118 Forte's40's are more of a sufficient high as compared to, say, DHC60's. It seems to me that even if the 60's are time released, wouldn't higher mg.'s be the one to give you the, "What a Wonderful World" Oohh, yeahhh!" 60' v. 40? But what significance,if any,does DF118Forte have?Confused. LOVE IS THE ANSWER AND YOU KNOW THAT FOR SURE" John Lennon ## I am not able to provide you with the best information on how to get high from a medication, since that is considered improper use. The high like feeling is actually considered a side effect that some people may experience, with proper use of certain medications. The main different as to why some people may experience it with the 40mg rather than the 60mg is ...

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