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Has anybody used Cytisine to give up smoking, is it an anti depressent, doesn't sound as 'natural' as it was made out to be. Side effects? ## Cytisine, also known as baptitoxine and sophorine, is a toxic alkaloid that occurs naturally in several plant genera, such as Laburnum and Cytisus. It is said to have a mechanism of action similar to the effect of nicotine, but with rather low toxicity. It can substitute nicotine substance. I actually came across a pretty informative article on Cytisine, explaining where it comes from, what side effects to expect and so forth. You can view it by following the link below: I don't think it's quite as natural as it'...

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I have COPD and Emphysema I would like to quit smoking this time so I ordered TBX-FREE but the box says not to use if you have depression or asthma. When I asked my Pulmonologist, he wouldn't even look at the box. Just asked if it was prescribed by a Doctor. I have taken Chantix twice both time quitting within 2 wks, first time for 1 year and the next time for a few short months, with no ill effects. I have used wellbutrin and nicotine patch that didn't help at all. ## I tried chantix twice, the first time had bad headaches and stomach aches so I stopped and got a refund. The second time was earlier this year (2016). I took it for the first 2 weeks and had slight side effects but no difference in my smoking urges! I'm not a "cold turkey" kind of person and I'm wi...

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Where can I buy Cytisine strips over the counter in Nampa, Idaho? I want to stop smoking (actually I need to stop smoking). I have a surgery that needs to be done on my back and they want no nicotine in my body whatsoever. So please send me some information on this. I basically want to know if it is a nicotine free alternative to smoking because I cannot use Nicorette or the patches since they contain nicotine. I will be blood tested to make sure there is no nicotine in my body before my procedure. ## Look on eBay / Amazon or search online. It is easy to locate over the counter, but you will not find it sold in a local store. TBX-Free is one common brand but there are others. {amazon affiliate link added}

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I have been smoking for about 45 years easy never stopped, want to stop. This sounds very helpful nothing has worked so far. I take 1 high blood pressure and gabapentin 800 mg 4 times aday ( not diebetic). How would i find out about being able to take this with my other meds.