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red pill with white line thru the middle. the initials th on it ## Hi renee, The closest match I've been able to identify is Cylert (pemoline)- (18.75 mg) Manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. It is a white round pill with the imprint TH on the front as well as a score line through the middle. This could very well be your pill, but maybe with a different amount of the active ingredient- or it could've been manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company. Pemoline is a stimulant drug of the oxazoline class. It was first synthesized in 1913 but its activity was not discovered until the 1930s. Under the names Betanamin, Cylert, Tradon, and Ceractiv it was used as a medication to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Under the Convention on Psychotr...

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i have been taking cylert for years. my daughter also has been on it for years. now i have been told they are taking it off the market. we have tried most of the other meds for add what is the closest match ## i have also been on cylert for years. no one told me it was going off market or why. i found out by not being able to refill. i drive a truck for a living and need to be on my toes. i will tell ya i am now on strattera and i take caffine with it. it is the only way it will work for me. i wont take the ones that are speed. and dont like many of the others. so far no problems. ## i also took cylert for years. they canceled it due to concerns regarding liver toxicity (didn't you have to get blood tests?) Anyhow, I am now using Ritalin -- and lots of caffeine to compensate like th...

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