Cost Of Zyvox Injection 200mg/100ml


I have 30 individual doses of this med that my son was receiving via picc line at home. Just trying to get an idea of the cost that others faced for this medication to see if it is in line with what I had to pay.

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My insurance would not cover any of the costs and my doctor told me that zyvox will attack a lot of the germs that most antibiotics wouldn't, he went on to say that if there was any way I could afford the cost to do it because he felt this would save my foot,
I borrowed the money and it cost me 98.00 per 600mg tablet and I was perscribed 28 tablets 1 every 12 hours for 14 days; so without taxes it cost me around 2750.00. I think it was closer to 2800.00 with taxes

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I had the same issue with my foot. But my doctor knew nothing about this drug. I did my own searching and found it, Well l was on it for 4 years straight together with reframton. In the 4th year l went blind. This drug even though it help save my leg caused me to go blind. However after l stopped taking it my eye sight started to come back. It took one year for my eyesight to return in total. But l must say in the end. I would have lived with any condition then to lose my leg, For you see a year before l started taking Zyvox l had my other leg amputated. I refused to be a double amputee. The blindness prevented me from see colors or reading a paper because of the small letters. But l was able to see people and my side vision was effected l had 20/200

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I just have had to start taking this med and, boy is it expensive and is causing headache and nausea. Since the infection is in my right sinus and around a facial ulceration (trigeminal trophic syndrome...very rare) and Clindamycin is NOT working (really...and only after one year of being on it off/on for the same infection...said sarcastically), it is life threatening according to the doctor. Anyway, the drug cost right now, without insurance, for 28 pills (1 bid daily), is over $5000. With my insurance, my co-pay was $1259 and change. Faced with an either this or that decision, I opted for the "that" of $1259 and change in the hopes that we can get the infection to GO AWAY already. If orals don't work, then we advance to a PICC line I am told.

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