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I'm currently on week 3 of Contrave (2 pills in the AM/1 in the PM). When should I possibly be noticing a decrease in appetite/cravings? Evenings are the worst for me, and I'm finding absolutely NO decrease in my desire to eat. Am I being too impatient? I was on Phentermine for 4 months, and had lost 30 lbs. I had started to plateau, and that's why my Dr. switched me to Contrave. Since I started with this medication, I've gained 8-10 lbs. because my evening appetite is back. I'm currently on a diet/exercise program where I'm eating typically 1000-1200 calories per day.

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I am having the exact same problem. If anyone can help answer this question I'm willing to listen.

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Regarding when Contrave starts working, I think the answer is going to be quite different for each individual; at least based on the feedback / testimonies that I've come across in my research. One patient on here has reported a diminished appetite by the 2nd week of Contrave (Ref: Discuss/Contrave-Reduce-Dosage-284556.htm?srcq=contrave); while another has taken it for 2 months without any results (Ref: Discuss/Contrave-two-months-287726.htm?srcq=contrave). And somewhere in between that, another patient got great results with a decreased appetite after 4 weeks of treatment (Ref: Discuss/Good-results-with-Contrave-287140.htm?srcq=contrave).

My point being is how these mixed reviews imply that there is no real way to determine exactly when you might notice a decrease in appetite, if at all. Only more time on the medication will tell, if that's something you're willing to continue with, but I'd encourage you to at least give it 4-6 weeks before making a concrete decision.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much! Was doing a lot of reading of patient reviews, and found varying results with each post. I'm currently on week 5 (full dose). Still not getting anywhere, but I'm trying to be patient. Evening appetite is still my issue.

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Hi, Maria! Glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this. Please keep me posted on how you're doing.

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It's getting discouraging. I'm on week 5 and still not seeing any results. My appetite actually increased the 2-3 week and I gained 4 lbs. Hoping it kicks in soon. I've noticed some are still waiting for results after 6 weeks. Please keep posting!!

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I think it depends what region of your brain needs help the most...and from there the doc decides what to prescribe. For example, if you have an insatiable appetite without the constant thinking of food, then perhaps Phentermine might be best. But if you are constantly hungry and constantly think about food 24/7, your doc might prescribe Contrave. I'm on Contrave, jus started. Please understand when I say "constantly think about food", I mean it. I used to plan my day around when I would eat, what I would eat, how I would get food, when could I squeeze in a meal without my family knowing, when could I take a quick trip to DairyQueen to get my sweet tooth resolved. I had to have sugar everyday, multiple times. I was always thinking about it. If the kids had leftovers, they were mine! I couldn't go to bed without stuffing my belly full of cereal to knock me out. It was an awful way to live.

I've just started Contrave and I am already noticing a difference. My appetite is definitely under control and I am satisfied with food MUCH faster when eating, thus my food intake is way less than before. I'm only on Day 3 but I've lost 6lbs. I noticed a difference right away in a few things: how I'm NOT hungry, how I'm not craving sweets and how I can actually leave food on my plate because I'm satisfied much quicker.

I have read in these threads that this isn't a miracle pill, but it feels like it is to me. I did not realize how bad my problem was/is until I had this clarity in thought (probably due to the anti-depressant effect of the Wellbutrin). In summation, I think if it's not working for you then maybe it's because you might not have a "pleasure center" problem in your brain. My doc told me that was my issue, that my pleasure center couldn't be satiated and I was trying to satisfy it with food. She was right. So, if you need only appetite control, maybe it's not the right med for your specific problem. I'm not a doctor, this is just a personal opinion.

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I had to stop taking it. . I was getting migraines, uncontrolled nausea and an inability to eat at all.

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I need to know what time I should take Contrave. Like at 8 and then eat. Please any info would be great

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I totally agree with Hopelessly Hopeful. I have been on Contrive for only 7 days and have lost 7lbs. The only side effect (so far) is mild sleepiness mid morning. My appetite has definitely decreased and i find I no longer think of food all day. Unfortunately there is no "Miracle Pill" however I think we need to view this drug as what it is.....its an aid to help us. It will not do the job by itself....we must do our part as well. If i walk into a store and smell something wonderful my first thought is YUM GOTTA HAVE IT but them my rational mind takes over and i know to be successful that i must stay strong and fight the urges to help the drug do its job.
I realize i have only been on this drug for 7 days...however its as close to a "Miracle Pill' as i have found.

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I just started my second week of Contrave. The first week my appetite was suppressed and I was satiated when eating. I feel like as I've started my second week, adding the second pill in the pm, that it isn't working that well. I'm pretty hungry all the time. I'm following a strike diet of 1000 a day and exercising 5 - 6 times a week. I have lost about 5 pounds, but worried that it has already stopped working. Any thoughts?

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Update: since starting g this drug in January I have lost 53 lbs! Very happy with progress and zero side effects!!

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I started using Contrave 6 weeks ago because I have gained weight due to stress. I didn't like the first four weeks on the medication as it didn't work for me. I just had headaches and it didn't suppress my appetite. Something told me to continue with the medication despite it being so expensive. Literally, after I started the second bottle of the medication the weight started flying off. When I wake up I'm not as hungry and I have more energy. I can actually feel my fat burning. So far I lost 10 pounds in about two weeks.

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I just started the full dose of Contrave and it's the first time I'm feeling some of the side effects. Will they go away and after how long? Also, I feel a decrease in appetite but haven't really noticed any weight loss. Will that happen soon? I very much want this to work.

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I am on my 4th week of Contrave...really feel the same. I wish the weight would fly off like its doing for others. However what I have noticed that my hands are itching palms & hands in general. I suppose this one of the side effects because I haven't had any job until now. I take 2:2. Please advise thanks

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I have been taking contrave now for about 6 weeks. Saw a few pounds come off but now seem to be in a plateau. Any advice?

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I am finishing my first month and wondering what time you take your pills I have been taking my AM dose around 830ish and my PM dose around the same time. I was wondering if I took it before meals instead of after if it would work better?!

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Re: Hopelessly Hopeful (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I had the same experience with Contrave, I immediately noticed I felt full and did not think about eating through out the today it was a “miracle” for me until the migraines started and even after decreasing the amount of Contrave I took they continued and I had to stop taking it, so depressed!

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I'm on my second round of contrave. When I first tried it, it took until week 4 to start working. I remain on it for 6 months and lost about 18 pounds. My blood pressure starting going up and up and then it wasn't controlling my appetite. I gained back about 8 lbs so because it wasn't working and it was causing high blood pressure I stopped for 3 months. I went back on Phentermine for 3 those 3 months. I maintained the weight and the blood pressure went right back to normal again. I went back on contrave and now I'm on week 4. Still not seeing a decrease in my appetite yet. I'm so hoping it will work like it did before. My blood pressure is going up again. I take 2 pills when I get up around 9-10am and then again about 10-11pm. Just curious about the time the successful people are taking theirs? I called the company and they said I was administering it correctly. I'm really hoping it will start working again.

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The company says 12 hours apart. I take mine at 10am and 10pm.

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I've just started my third week on Contrave (3 pills daily), and I haven't lost a single pound. Appetite seems to have subsided some, but I'm still eating! When should I start noticing a weight loss? I'm beginning to get discouraged.

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You are not eating enough. You're starving your body and it rebels by burning calories more slowly.

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It's possible that you're not eating enough protein. You should be getting 0.8g of protein per 1lb of body weight. My naturopath suggested I do this and it's completely eliminated my evening cravings. I'm also consuming less calories in total, which was quite surprising. Replacing carbs with protein has given me so much more energy as well.

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