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Having daily cluster type headaches with vision loss and pain at forhead and back of neck. Noticed since starting Comtan but they were infrequent to now daily. Has anyone had this problem? (Note, had a pallidotomy 4 years ago, experience no problems since) ## I am having headach sometimes it ll stop an then comtinue, i do have eyes too but mostly stomach pain for the years it pain me at the lower abdomen, and sometime heartburn it always makes me feel unconfortable. Pls medics what is the cause? Thank you ## Mary, headaches are a very common side effect of most medications, including Comtan, you may also experience acid reflux, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and nail discolorations. What have you tried to alleviate the headaches? Cecilia, have you consulted a doctor? Are you on any medicati...

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I have had Parkinsons for the last 6 years. I am using 2x Sinimet 25/100 and 1x Sinimet CR 3x per day and 1x Comtan 200mg per day. I started using Zolnoxs 10mg 1x at 20h00 to help with insomnia. The tremors is bad in my right side when the medication is worked out and I also get withdrawel simptoms in the evenings in my left foot and right hand when the last medication starts to work out. I started relising that the Zolnox dampen the withdrawel symptoms and tremors and that the stiffness in the left side of my body dissapears after an hour or two if I don't go to sleep. On Sunday I used 1x Zolnoxs at 7h00 and 1x at 13h00 and 1x at 20h00. The tremors stopped about 85% and stiffness was completely gone. The withdrawel symptoms was gone and on Monday I was able to cut medication by 1/3...

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