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I have planned to take E tonight (only one tablet) it is my second time doing it and the last time I did it was a month ago. I have been perscribed Clindaderm for a skin infection? That could possibly be staph. They didnt tell me what it was. I am almost done, and the infection is no longer visible, and I have only taken one pill today as I rememered I may roll on E. Is this safe? I dont want to start vomitting or have a bad roll and it be dangerous. No letures about E itself please. I am safe, and am aware. ## Hi Julesmp, To be safe with an estimate, I would say that it takes Clindamycin (Clina-Derm) approximately 30-35 hours to be completely out of your system from the time of your last dose. The half life is about 5 hours. [1] Also, Clindamycin does have a number of drug interactions...

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