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What is a round yellow pill that is scored with imprint Schering 080? ## Yellow round pill, imprinted of picture. Above the picture it spells SCHERLING. On back on pill, there is a line in the middle. Below the line is the number's 080. ## The schering pill marked 080 is a 4mg chlorpheniramine tablet (Chlor-Trimetron) - Source: the packages of them I recently found in my medicine cabinet ## The identification provided is correct, this was a 4mg Chlor-Trimeton tablet. NDC: 00085-0080 However, it has been discontinued. This is an antihistamine that is most commonly used to treat allergies. It was available over the counter, and the active ingredient Chlorpheniramine is still available under various name, and generic/store brands. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly incl...

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Circa 1985 I took one Chlortimeton tablet as I went to bed. Next morning I lost the center vision in my right eye. It has never recovered. Apparently the few rods/cones? hemmoraged? I have a history all my life of having several nasty colds per year and I was trying this new-to-me drug. Every eye doctor or MD I've told this story to, do not care to talk about it. The rest of the eye functions to give me adequate peripheral vision. I find it curious...liftetime of aspirins or nothing and just once, one pill and the eye is damaged while I sleep. ??????


what was the retail price of chlortrimeton 4 mg in 1949 ## I've seen Chlor-Trimeton Allergy Relief 4 Hour Tablets range from $4-$7 in the current retail market, depending on the manufacturer and number of pills. Unfortunately there's no specific details online regarding Chlor-Trimeton prices in the 1940's-1950's. Apparently the patent for this medication was approved prior to Jan 1, 1982; but that is all the information I could gather at the moment. Do you know someone who has taken this drug within that era?

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