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Does charcoal tablets interact with Zocor, Nexium, Zoloft or Flomax ? I have diverticulitis and wat to use it to help with the gas problem from high fiber diet. ## There are no problems listed between using it and your medications, but you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. ## Can I take charcoal tablets while I am taking Lipitor Antorvastatin ? ## You should be fine, there should not be any interactions between Lipitor and charcoal. Of course it is always a good idea to verify with your doc since they know your medical history too. ## Will taking activated charcoal get rid of the metabolites in valium that I need gone?

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What is it used for and how safe is it? And what other medicine should you not use with it? ## It is supposedly a very safe medicine to take. Activated charcoal is a traditional remedy for treating excess stomach and intestinal gas. It works by attracting excess gas in the stomach and bowels, which binds to the surface of the charcoal powder. This relieves the discomfort caused by excess gas (flatulence), wind, indigestion and heartburn. The charcoal is not absorbed from the gut. Activated charcoal is also used in hospital emergency departments to treat poisoning. However, when used in this way, activated charcoal is given in much larger doses than those contained in this preparation. You should never attempt to treat poisoning yourself with this preparation. Cases of poisoning should a...

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I have kidney stones and the doctor just gave me pills only not even taking x- ray he just told me that l have kidney stones now am tired of the pills l had that charcoal can heal how does its work and how do l drink it how many litres should drink a day


hi,had ibs symptoms for over 5 years now, tryed everything, changed diet, meal times etc. doctor not been able to help much. my break though came when i discovered charcoal tablets, no more bloating, no more trapped wind, no more running to the toilet , amazing !! but is charcoal safe long term? had no side affects but the results seem to good to be true any advice welcome ## I've done some searching and it seems that there has been nothing that proves long term use of it to be harmful, but there has also been nothing that proves it is safe, either. Since it's not considered an actual drug, it hasn't undergone all of the same testing and studies that they do. Have you tried asking your doctor if they know anything else about it? ## No.. I took activated charcoal daily for a ...

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I found a pill bottle in my house full of these. They have no markings on them, and they are a bit powdery. They kind of resemble the 'black snake' fireworks, but I know for a fact that they are not. I'm thinking it might be carbon, but I got no idea. ## With no markings and going by that description, some type of carbon/charcoal would be my best guess as well. Learn more activated carbon details here. If you look at the images on Google, there are some that look exactly like that. It's hard to be certain with any product like this though, so the best thing you can actually do would be to dispose of them. What type of bottle was it? A pharmacy bottle? And if so, was it one of the older glass ones?

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Mum seek clinical consultation, was given Charcoal Tab, Domperidone (Motilium) & Dhaperazine (Stemetil) and given an injection of Votmine Inj 50mg/ml (Dimenate) as she was really sicked with headache and very high blood pressure. She had double strokes 4 hours later after the consultation. Does those drugs help reduce high pressure?? Why did the GP not send her straight to hospital for proper medical attention?