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I need to know about this medicine. Exactly what is it used for? And is it a dangerous medication? Can we come by it uses naturally? ## May I start by identifying myself as part of the CerefolinNAC brand team at Pamlab. If you are interested in learning more about CerefolinNAC? and how it works, we encourage you to research more about the role CerefolinNAC plays in early memory loss. You may wish to visit cerefolinnac.com to discover more about the role CerefolinNAC? plays in early memory loss. One of the most fascinating aspects of the aging brain is the simple fact that it needs nourishment, which becomes increasingly difficult as we reach advanced ages. Further, for some patients, the brain can be genetically predisposed to neuronal damage by metabolic imbalances that can accelerate ...

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Does Cerefolin NAC have to be prescribed by a doctor? I just read that it can help with depression. Is this true? ## Yes, this is a prescription only medication, used to treat vitamin deficiencies. It is not approved to treat depression and I have not found any information on it being used in that capacity. ## My doctor has prescribed Cerefolin NAC for depression. I am 40 years old and am also being treated with Welbutrin SR 150 mg three times a day for about ten months. I have been taking Cerefolin NAC for 18 days and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. ## I was precribed Cerefolin by a Nuerologist because of the severe fatigue and memory lost and cognitive issues with my fibromyalgia. I was wondering how it has helped you, how quickly you see results...and is there a way...

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I am a caregiver for a 79 year old female and watching her decline really stresses me out. I wished to god I could help her. I recently heard about h-86 that could possibly help her with alzhelmers. Is there any truth to this? ## Hi George, Sorry to hear about your situation. I just wanted to point out that H-86 (by Health Sciences Institute) is widely thought to be a scam; as are other products by HSI. There are other discussion threads here that describe various experiences with HSI, many disappointed with their misleading marketing tactics... Secondly, H-86 is touted as a cancer cure. I have yet to see anything relating it to alzheimers... Thirdly, H-86 is a fictitious name for "fermented wheat germ extract" - also being branded under the name "Avemar" - which has act...

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Hi. Im trying to find out several issues regarding prescripts. My wife and i have been seperated for 3 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters and recently i met them at a vacation home. I was asked to retrieve something from ex's car and noticed 2 prescripts (Lithium and Cerefolin) written under her first name but a totally different last name (both married or maiden were not on label). Not looking to get anyone in trouble but the daughters are the ones im mainly worried about as well as her conditions that require this type of act. thanks ## not sure but i beleive lithium is wrote for inactive brain chemical/hormone, fairly common script as synthroid wrote fro over active thyroid ## CHEMICAL IMBALANCE was the words i needed earlier ## Lithium is mainly composed of a salt. It is used ...

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I can't understand why my insurance won't pay for CEREFOLIN considering that I need it because I am missing an enzyme that is supposed to protect me from heart disease. My body should be producing this on its own. ## I, too, have the same problem with my insurance company. The explanation when I called them is that my plan only covers pre-natal vitamins. Other vitamins, per the plan my employer contracted does not cover any other vitamins. The pharmacist told me this is not uncommon. My insurance provider is CareFirst (MD-DC). Merck does on its site have a coupon for 10% off uninsured prescriptions.

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to help your memory ## THIS WAS PRESCRIBED FOR MY MOTHER'S MEMORY IS THIS FOR ALHEIMER'S? ## Are you referring to Cerefolin? This is a multi-vitamin supplement, available only by prescription that is used by doctors to treat many different conditions, though it is not proven to help with memory problems and is not used to treat Alzheimers.

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