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Dear Dr. I have a bad neck condition: p had a fusion and prosthesis implanted above the fusion. The prosthesis has "collapsed" causing pain. I'm on Nuzak 40mg mornings plus E|pitec 10mg at night. I have trouble sleeping. I'm also taking blood pressure & cholesterol medication. Could there be an interaction between the medication? ## Hello, Elize! How are you? Can you please post back with the names of all of the medications you take, so I can check for you? I can't check just by knowing the grouping. Thank you! ## Can i take carbilev 25/100 with nuzzak? ## Sorry i said nuzzak, should be nuzak

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I have been on carbilev since January 2013., although not diagnosed with parkinsons the neurologist is treating me for it. I have now been diagnosed with skin cancer after they removed a wart, this wart appeared in December 2013, removed in February 2014 I am now booked for a CT scan. In the meantime I have a very itchy scalp seamingly the result of dandruff which I have never had a problem with. My arms and legs are weak I have bad balance and very bad gait leaning forward, shuffle when I walk. I am 64 years old turning 65 in November I live in South Africa. r d


Hi, I suffer severly with neuropathy and spasms in my feet and calf muscles,I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis, therefore in a lot of pain.Today I have been given Carbilev for the 1st there anyone who has used this drug for these problems...if so, have they helped. thanks ## I have been diagnosed with neuropathy in the feet. I have experienced severe cramps in the inner thighs, mostly seemingly controlled with the use of Tonic Water. Also, lately, I have severly painful spasms in the arch area of the right foot. These occur almost entirely when laying down. The pain is almost unbearable. I also have arthritis in a few areas. I underwent surgery for spinal stenosis in early January. Wnat's going on????

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I have restless leg syndrome which is fairly bad - I am in my early 50's - I was put on carbilev around three to four months ago - it was wonderful for the first two months, but now there are all kinds of side effects!!! Nausea / headaches / worsened rls / bad sleeping pattern / terrible mood swings / I could go on!!! Stop them now!!! I have!!! ## I could not agree with you more, the nausea is hell.

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