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Hello doctors & fellow patients, I have been suffering from Diabetic neuropathy (nerve disorders caused by diabetes) since last 8 months and have constant pain in my left leg. Previously the doctor prescribed Ketriplin (.075% capsaicin) however upon worsening of the pain, now I am using Deep Senzzz (Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Capsaicin & Methyl Salicylate) Ointment. Along with topical creams I am also using pills such as peragablin, Calcitab, Libotryp, Human Mixtard tab as prescribed by the doctor as the doctor noted loss of calcium in bones. However none of pills have Diclofenac in it and since Dynapar QPS is diclofenac based so I would like to know whether Dynapar QPS will be useful and provide pain relief for patients in Diabetic Neuropathy or Has anyone suffering from Diabetic Neu


Have 3 bulging discs in neck and the others are moderate bulging. Can't get appointment to see Neuroligist until next week. MRI was from 10 days ago. Narcotics do not help with my pain. Tried Ben Gay, bio freeze and capsaicin cream. No relief. Tried ice and heat. Does not help. I can't stand the pain anymore. Should I go to the Emergency room? Someone give me help or advice. ## Hi Mark, Sorry to hear about your situation. You mentioned that narcotics don't help with your pain, and I have to wonder if you were to go to the emergency room, that narcotics would probably be one of the first things they'd offer you there? One thought though would be to ask them for something along the lines of Gabapentin/Lyrica which are generally prescribed for nerve pain. However medication...

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i want any cream or gel containing capsaicin 0.05% and methyl salicylate 0.01% ## I'm sorry, this site does not manufacture, nor sell any products, this is an information only website. Creams containing Capsaicin would be topical products used for topical pain relief and muscle relaxation. There are several different products on the market, it's really just a matter of reading the ingredients to find one that contains what you are looking for. Are there any questions?

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gel or cream for muscle and joint pain ## There are several on the market, both prescription and over the counter products. You can easily go to any drugstore and find quite a few choices, such as Icy Hot. They often contains products such as Capsaicin or Menthol, to help cool and sooth the ache in the muscle or joints. What specifically are you looking for?

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