Can Flu Vaccine Increase Hep Viral Load


Supposed to start hep c treatment next week and my viral load has increased since having this yrs over 65 yr olds flu vaccine. Anybody heard of this happening? I really dont know if it's worth doing treatment. I don't feel sick but was recently diagnosed with copd which is very tiring even without taking something else on top. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

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According to medical literature, my understanding is that flu-vaccinations can increase one's viral load (temporarily). It is therefore suggested that patients do not measure their viral load within 4 weeks of any vaccination.

Please note that my research was based off HIV viral loads and also noted as a "general" statement attributed to flu-shots, but not necessarily specific to Hep C.

To be 100% sure, it may be best to have your viral load checked before and after a vaccination to gauge an accurate comparison.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply David,very informative for me .

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Has anybody any information or experience with combining hepatitis c treatment with moderare copd (emphasemia ) worried about the shortness of breath ,tiredness ect .side effects ,i am in my 60s and not showing any bad cplications from hep c as yet.any thoughts appreciated.

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