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I cannot find Campho-phenique Pain Relieving Antiseptic Liquid except on Amazon that cost way too much. I use to be able to just purchase it in the drugstore. Cannot find it in the local store or online. Do you know where it can get it at? Has it been discontinued? Why is it no longer available? Thank you. ## Walgreens Instant Antiseptic Pain Relief First Aid Liquid 1.5 fluid ounces, has the very same active ingredients as the campho phenique. 10.8% camphor and phenol 4.7%. Inactive ingredients are eucalyptus oil, and light mineral oil. The Walgreens antiseptic has two added ingredients that are very beneficial, citric acid, which is natural occurring acid that is found in large quanties in fruit and tocopherol (vitamin E). Hope this is helpful information. I personally think that the W...

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Why has Bayer Inc stopped making Campho-Phenique??? Is it really a health hazard that Bayer is hiding??? ## My mom is a pharmacist and she said that the FDA has made Bayer stop producing this drug for now because it was unregulated and it's claims were not substantiated or something to that effect. Basically it was old and worked really good and the gov decided to halt it because it was too old and not under the same regulations as modern stuff. It's safety was not documented. Maybe they can put it out again later. ## Probably too inexpensive and worked better than new stuff. Love that stuff, and used to be cheap for people on a tight budget. Can't let anything cut into the bottom line.

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