Calvepen 666mg Tablets Question?


I Have Being Taken Calvepon For Nearly 3 days now because for infected throat due to smoking happened me twice in over a month was on augmention for a week the first time found them hard on stomach.. my third day on the tablets i experienced headackes alot is this a side effect of the tablet or could it be the infection??? how long does it take for calvepen to work??
Thanks Colin

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Calvepen contains the antibiotic Penicillin.

Yes, it can cause headaches, or they could be cause by the infection or something else entirely, it is hard to say. You should consult your doctor.

In order for this to work effectively, you need to take it for the full course of treatment.


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ON Calvepen tables 666mg can i still drink alcohal on them or will it have a effect on me???

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i've been given calvepen 666 for strep throat. should i avoid alchol or will the medication still work?

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I have been put on calvepen and flucillin to heal my scared face , if i take the pill till it work??

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hi, ive also been prescribed Calvepen for a throat infection. i actually get throat infections quite a lot and usually after a day or 2 of antibiotics it starts to feel better. this is the first time ive been givin Calvepen for it and its been 3 days and they still are having no effect on me. ive only got 2 days left on them, does anyone think they are really going to work. also i havent slept in 3 days because of the pain.

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Was prescribed Calvapen 666 and Flucoxacillin 500 three days ago for cellulitis - Calvapen nearly killed me - terrible stomach pains and roasting heartburn - off Calvapen now and side effects have subsided - hopefully Flucoxacillin will clear up the infection or it is into hospital again for IVs. The 666 was well chosen to accompany the drug.

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got calvepen 666 for sty also floxapen500mg also chloromycetin eye drops went to bed
with terrible headache couldnt sleep for a couple of hours got up in morning very sick bad pain on back of neck and my legs my ankles was feeling sick my head i didnt feel ok so i took no more of tablets i didnt tell my doctor also had headache i took nothing next day today im using eye drops only i never get headaches

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Re: Mary (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The same thing happening with me, I have some bacterial throat infection or strep throat and am taking 4 of these a day for 7 a days and I am finished 2 days of it and if anything it has gotten worse

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