Cal D Forte Tablet 1 25mg


Has anyone taken CAL D.FORTE 1.25mg for arthritis or fibro myalgia.

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Cal D Forte contains Cholecalciferol, which is a form of Vitamin D, it is essential to the body and its absorption and use of Calcium, however, it is not likely to help much, with the conditions you mentioned.

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Has your doctor told you to use it?

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No the doctor didn't give them. The 6 pills was given to my friend in a bottle with the Forte D label on it. We have now found out they were codeine and morphine. I have fibro-myalgia - Arthritis and took one anyway as my joints and muscles was giving me so much grief, I just wanted to give up. I couldn't get over how fast it worked, 2hrs later the pain in my bones, and everywhere had disappeared, I couldn't believe it. Until I found out there was morphine in it too. I am on codeine 30mg and low dose Oxycontin 5mg from my doctor (useless), I was on the Oxycontin 10mg, but didn't like what it did to my head so asked my doctor to lower the dose. I will be asking him for the codeine mixed with morphine. It gets rid of the pain without messing with my head. I still have 4 tabs left. Am saving them for when the pain gets past the unbearable....

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I take pantoprazone 20mg first thing in the morning. I also take Cal D Forte 1.25mg once a month and was told to take this on an empty stomach. I have also been told to take the pantoprazone on an empty stomach, can the two be taken at the same time?

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I have been given Cal.D.Forte by hospital as I have a high calcium levels. I have now been given Aborvastatin by my Dr which has calcium on the bottle. Do these contain Calcium? and should I be taking them if I have too much Calcium in my system.

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