Caffeine Doesn't Work, Monster Doesn't, Nos Does?


I am in college and in need of energy. I've drank only a rare soft drink for a few years now and didn't drink soft drinks that often before I quit. I don't drink coffee or any other source of much caffeine. I had a monster once about two years ago and it worked well.
Recently I have been having long study sessions and have been trying different energy drinks. I literally can take a nap after drinking Monster. After trying Monster a few times, I tried NOS. This stuff really works for me. I looked at the stuff that's in it and it has a good bit of caffeine so, I decided I would buy caffeine pills to save money. I get the caffeine pills and they do nothing for me. They are 200mg each. I take one. Nothing. I take two. Nothing. 400mg and I could take a nap after. I even tried opening the pills and pouring the powder from two pills (400mg of caffeine) strait in my mouth followed by a gulp of water. Nothing. I am sure they are real caffeine pills, because I have gotten my room mate hooked on them haha. Would it be crazy to try 600-800mg of caffeine? It's impossible that I have built up a resistance to caffeine. I rarely get any at all. No soft drinks, no coffee. I drink water and sometimes milk and juice.
So why does NOS work so well for me? It has the same active ingredients as monster and I am 100% sure Monster doesn't work and NOS does. I drank one at 2am and i am still a little jitteryish and laughing at 6am. Is this normal? I would like to find out what is in NOS that works so well so I can just buy that instead of buying expensive energy drinks, but all the active ingredients are the same as Monster's.
Do you have any recommendations of cheap caffeine alternatives?

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I tried them all too. Monster works the best. As far as money is concerned though, go to the dollar store and they have concentrated ones for $1. In the store, they are usually $2.50 each. I started taking these instead of the Monster, because I'm not a pop drinker, or a carbonated drink drinker. Carbonation is bad for you anyway. I win all the way around. No carbonation, save lots of money. The dollar store's come in grape, strawberry, citrus, etc. They are'nt too bad. Good Luck.

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And you sir are a dumbass

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Take Provigil. Problem solved. Caffiene is to Provigil what a cup of hot cocoa is to a triple espresso.

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There's more at play than just caffeine. The ginseng, guarana, taurine and others act as prodrugs for neurotransmitters; i.e: Taurine is a precursor used by your body to synthesize GABA (a depressant hormone used all around the nervous system).

The caffeine will work the same regardless of delivery, assuming the route of entry is the same. It's the side products that interfere with it's efficacy.

After a monster I feel alert and calm.
After a NOS, I feel jittery and near-death, scatter brained and "blind to my surroundings".
After a coffee, I feel sort of marginally functional for ten minutes. Enough caffeine to do anything, I feel pleasantly nauseous.

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Caffeine -- Some people get little or no stimulation from it. In those people caffeine may even make them sleepy. Those people [if over 18 years] may even have Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] and may benefit from Ritalin [or other type of amphetamine]. Good luck.

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