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Hi, may I ask you for an opinion regarding a drug called cabozantinib, TKI of VEGFR, Met, AXL.... I have a relative, male 35 years old, recently diagnosed (February, 2016) with renal adenocarcinoma III grade, and about ten days ago, nephrectomy was performed. Furthermore, 3 lymph nodes were removed as well. He will be subjected to additional analysis like MR, CT of abdomen, torax, vena cava renal in order to check further invasion if any. Doctor said he will treated him with sunitinib as a first line treatment. I am wondering whether treatment with cabozantinib in combination with ipililumab and nivolumab would be better choice then what he suggested? Also, would you advice us to check the tumour tissue for the expression of Met and VEGFR? I would appreciate very much for your opinion, or