Butalbital 50 + Aspirin 325 + Caffeine 40


My boyfriend is a Vietnam Vet and he has a rod in his leg and suffers from migraines all the time sometimes 3 days straight. His doctor gave him something called firinal and only supposed to take 2 a day and lays down. Is 2 too much to take at once? He's 69. He also takes butalbital, too much acetaminophen for the day I think. Won't he get liver damage? His doctor at the VA prescribes him so much he doesn't know what half of them are, so I google everything he gets so I can help him. Thank you, Mary

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It doesn't SOUND like he's getting too much if he is taking them as prescribed... The doctor needs to monitor this..... A common symptoms of acetaminophen toxicity is jaundice. If you notice that his skin and whites of his eyes have a yellow color, seek immediate help... Also, one should be very cautious about mixing any amount of alcohol with any Tylenol like combination medication. The key is having an open conversation with his medical provider. If we don't feel comfortable about having honest conversation with our physicians, we should seek services we elsewheres. I pray this helps you in some way. Good luck and God bless all your future endeavors.

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Hello, Mary! How is your boyfriend doing?

The general rule is no more than 3,000mgs of Acetaminophen a day, that's the current FDA recommended limit, exceeding that risks overdose toxicity.

The risk of liver damage is greater with long-term use of high amounts, so he should see his doctor regularly and not exceed their dosing instructions.

The typical side effects of this medication may possibly include nausea, dizziness, insomnia and nervousness.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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