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I have been on entocort off and on since 2012 due to gastro diverticulitis (highly flammable). After a colonopscopy in Sept. 2012 I was given entocort for 3 a day-1 mo., then 2 a day-1 mo., then 1 a day-1 mo. Then on Feb. 7th, 2013 I fell on cement and was taken to a hospital by helicopter. They kept me alive due to help from the Dr.'s at University of Ky. Hospital -Lexington, Ky. Then later they gave me prescription budesonide ec 3mg. 1 per day. After another colonopscopy on 9/24/17 they ruled it as diverticulitis w/colitis again. Recently they changed my script to budesonide 3mg with the drug co. listed as MYLAN 7155- NO EC letters listed on the script. My question is: Is this sufficient or as good as the ENTOCORT EC 3-mg. in your opinion? This is my question about this prescripti...

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I have been on this medication for (off and on) for abt. 4 years (estimate) It is also listed as ENTOCORT. It is prescribed by my Gastroenterologist Doctor the 1st time in Sept.2012 - then again in 2017 after another colonopscopy showing that my colitis (flammable) had returned. It is very expensive, and due to many problems with my diverticulitis and colitis I have to continue using it as a last resort to my colon problems. I also have an aneursym located in my head that I got when I fell on cement on 2/7/2013. I was taking the cortisteriod Entocort when this happened ( 1 per day). I came close to dying due to severe head trauma after a drop in blood pressure and the fall. I am still trying to deal with these problems day by day. I deal with every day stress due to having a husband tha...

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Can budesonide inhalation suspension come up as methamphetamine in an hair follicles on an nine months old child? ## Hi Shannon - just show them your child's prescription and there shouldn't be a problem. Budesonide has been known to come up as other things, there was even a study in Spain where this drug was causing people to fail the breathalyzer.[1] I should also ask, and no judgement here - but do you currently take methamphetamine or similar medications? Also, are you a breastfeeding mother? Hope this helps! Ref: [1] ## No not taking any meds, my son and mine came back clean but my baby come back with methamphetamine so I was curious about this medication which the doctor prescribed to my baby for breathing problems. No not taking medication and not breastfeeding just curi...

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i am having allergy and using Budamet 200 transcap (formotero fumarate and budesonide powder for inhalation ip) also dr has suggested me levocet M, Bresol, unicontin 400. Please tell me whether all these medicines contains steroids and using them regularly as prescribed is harmful?


mode of actionof mucosta ## mucosta and Budenofalk ## Mucosta contains the active ingredient Rebamapide, it is used to treat gastric ulcers. Side effects can include: nausea, bloating, diarrhea and rash. Budenofalk contains the active ingredient Budesonide, a corticosteroid, used to treat swelling. It is usually used in the treatment of IBS. Are there any other questions? ## I NEED THIS RESEARCH FOR MY CASE STUDY

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