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December 10th, 2012 Bayer had a voluntary recall of Bronkaid for wording that was left off of some packages. Walmart does not have it in stock right now and was part of the recall. Walmart could not tell me when it would be back on their shelves but they said it would be back. I am guessing Bayer is going to repackage all the ones that did not have the correct wording on the back of the boxes pertaining to use and such of Bronkaid. This was a mistake on Bayers part and that is why the voluntary recall. Hopefully it will be back on shelves soon.

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Thanks for taking the time to share this information. If it's of any help, I came across more specific details on the packaging recall, linked below:

Unfortunately they do not state when it will be back on the shelves. Although I'm sure they will have more information posted in the upcoming weeks, since it's their main webpage for Bronkaid.

I hope this helps!

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I did see the site with the info on the bronkaid recall. Bayer also has a site just for bronkaid if you search on the internet. It does not state though anything about the recall or when it will back on the shelves, etc.

I checked the walmart site recently and it shows some stores as having limited stock but that info is outdated as I already checked a couple of the stores that show limited stock on the walmart website and the actual store is completely out of stock on bronkaid.

When I got a response by email from bayer last week the lady said they were working as fast as possible to repackage the medicine and get it back to the stores. This is the second time this year that Bayer has not had bronkaid on the shelves, the first time was earlier this year when primatine mist was taken off the shelves and Bronkaid got sold out by all the people out there looking for a alternitive to bronkaid. You can check the walmart site and put in your zip code to find any stores that may have it in stock but realize that the info on the site is probably outdated and call the store first to find out if they have it in stock yet or not. Hope this helps everyone.

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I seen that Bronkaid is suppose to be back on store shelves or pharmacy shelves by the end of February, not sure why its taking Bayer so long to repackage the product?

I seen on Ebay a few listings for bronkaid but I doubt if anyone is buying it as who ever has it listed on the site is asking about 10 times what Bronkaid sells for. If you are very desperate and want to pay those prices you can buy it on that site.

otherwise take Primatine till Bronkaid comes back into the stores, hopefully soon.

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they say by the end of febuary they should be back!!! cant wait my mom has very bad breathing and needs this medication and people because of the recall are selling them for up to 200,00 for 60 online what a scam......but bayer site said by end of

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some of the walmarts are getting it back in stock slowly, you have to check around each walmart even if it means calling nearby towns that have walmarts.

I found that the walmart site information is outdated on what stores have it in stock as back after the recall some stores on the walmart site still showed it in limited stock when they were actually out of it completely. Bayer too told me they are saying the end of february for most stores to have it in stock. we have two walmarts here and only one of them has it in stock now, I thought that was strange. Some of the Meijer's stores in Ohio and Michigan did carry it but not sure if they will still carry it after this recall is over or not. You just have to check around and call stores in your area and find out. I know the new packaging is out on the market but just taking a while to get stocked in the stores. There are a lot of walmarts around so you need to call around, and you can always ask them if their computer system will allow them to check other stores on their stock.

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I'm in Florida and it's getting more and more difficult to find Primatene tabs and the pharmacies generic form. So far, neither Walgreens or CVS has Bronkaid when they both used to carry it. Also Publix still has not gotten it in. Having to really shop around just to fibd any Primatene tabs. I have chronic sinus pain/pressure problems and the ephedrine works well to help relieve it. Psuedoephedrine seems to make me feel worse.

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