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Are we sure that bronkaid tablets haven't been taken off the market in some areas? I went to 3 different drug stores today, in Columbus County, North Carolina, to purchase, and there was an empty shelf where they once were. Not even the pharmacists could say whether they had been discontinued.

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Bronkaid is not being carried in drug stores in Columbia city indiana

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Thanks for your kind response.

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Bronkaid was discontinued as of 12/31/11 due to a phase out of these types of medications.

Have you tried consulting your doctor about using an alternative medication?


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Actually, we have not. The medicines are for my wife, who has had bouts with asthma her entire life. It seems that once we find something that works, it is discontinued. The physicians advice, I suppose, is always good, but they get such a "premium" for answering the simplest of questions which they will usually answer only on their "turf".

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HI, yes bronkaid has been discontiued. it was around for many years but they stopped making it. I tried the Primatine tablets and they seem to do the job and look to have the same ingredients as Bronkaid. I found the Primatine at a Walmart store but most pharmacy stores carry it too. You have to check around. It might be available on the internet too.

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I am a COPD patient and not having Bronkaid available will cut my ability to breath by 50%. There is no suitable substitute. Primatine might as well be sugar tablets - it has no effect on my breathing one way or another. For COPD patients this is a disaster. It will make it a lot harder for them to to breathe and will cut life spans considerably.

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hi, Primatine lists the same ingredients as bronkaid but maybe the chemical makeup of the ingredients is different or something? I know the Primatine has half of the amount in each pill as Bronkaid did so you have to take 2 of the Primatine pills as directed on the box. If you have a regular doctor he should be able to prescribe you some type of inhaler or inhaler machine with the proper medicine to help your breathing. I know Bronkaid was on the market for over 30 years and I took it all the time to help with my asthma and I am upset that production of Bronkaid was stopped at the end of last year. The only thing I can say is talk to your doctor and see what he can prescribe to help your breathing.

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Well, I never tried taking two Primatine so that might be worth a try. Other than that I'm just screwed. I already take Spiriva, Symbacort and Ventolin - there is no inhaler that will help. The removal of Bronkaid from the market will change my life dramatically. I'm a DJ and I'm going to have to stop that. I could never DJ that without Bronkaid. This is a real game changer for me. Maybe to Primatine will help. Also, it only took one Bronkaid a day to for me to breathe cleanly even though you were allowed one every 4 hours so maybe if I eat Primatine like Chicklets.....

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I am not sure what state you are from but some of the Walmarts carried Bronkaid but most of them are sold out. You can check on the Walmart website and put in Bronkaid in the search box and then on that page that has the Bronkaid on it you can use the thing to find if any stores in your 50 mile area have any left or not.

Its worth a try but if any found it would be just a short supply as they stopped making bronkaid at the end of 2011.

If you look on the internet some sites sugest trying to take Ephidrene that is available from different weight loss websites on the net if you do a search. The big reason they stopped making Bronkaid was that the Ephidrene in it may cause heart problems as it increases heart rate, etc. Hope maybe this may help you.

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Hi Brian - Thanks for posting. There are not more Bronkaid caplets within 100 miles of my zip code according to the manufacturer, Bayer. I was told they stopped making Bronkaid because of the kids using the ingredients to make Meth and Bayer not wanting to fool with it. If you take enough Primatene they say that will work but taking too much of that is dangerous and it didn't work for me last time I tried it. But I didn't exceed the recommended dosage either. Just another way for the government to screw up my life. :-)

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HI Alan,
thanks for info. the only thing I can think of is maybe the ephedrine in primatine is a different type than what bronkaid put in theirs.

you can check around to see what places sell ephedrine on the internet.

many sites carry ephedrine, you just have to check around.
and I am not sure if ephedrine is available at any health food or fitness type stores anymore or not but would be worth checking if you did not want to order online.

can get you a inhaler machine to use or something else to help you out.

I know Rite Aid stores carried it too but the ones around here are sold out.

And Walgreens carried it too but most are sold out. You can check on the walgreens website to check for stores in your area that might have some left. Also the Meijers stores carried it too but they are mostly in Michigan and Ohio.

hope this helps you some.

if not you may have to check with your doctor to see if he can prescribe something that will help you out.

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HI Alan

all I can say is try Primatene again and see if 2 tablets will help.

maybe if enough people complain to Bayer they will bring the product back out.

I know there are websites you can buy just straight ephedrine on but I think they are based in Canada. The one site I found said it is still legal to sell ephedrine but it has to be in a 8 mg size tablet and not the 25 mg that bronkaid had in it.

if you check on the web you can find a couple places you can order the ephedrine from. being 8 mg tablets a person would have to take 3 of them to get the effect of one bronkaid but might be worth it if they work

I know the one site I found says that ephedrine is used for breathing problems to help ease breathing.

you just have to check on the web to find out more info on ordering it, etc.

I am sure there must be thousands of people that took bronkaid for years that are now upset with what to do.

hope this helps you some.

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FYI, everybody - I just spoke with Bayer. Bronkaid was not taken off the market - they were just unexpectedly overrun and went out of stock when Primatene Mist went off the market. They expect all stores to be restocked by the end of March.

BTW, although people say they are the same, the ingredients in Bronkaid are not exactly the same as Primatene which is one explaination why Bronkaid works for some people and Primatene does not. Check the packages. Bronkaid has Ephedrine "Sulfate" and Primatene has Ephedrine "HCI, USP", which is not exactly the same thing. Also, Bronkaid has Guaifenesin but Primatene has Guaifenesin USP, which, again, is not exactly the same thing. Again, they expect all stores to be restocked with Bronkaid by March 31st.

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HI Alan,

thanks for the info. that is great news for everyone.

I had emailed bayer last week but never heard back from them so I am happy that you got a hold of them to see exactly what was going on.

I know all the stores I check at still have the plastic cards out on the shelves with the other cold pills, etc. where you have to take the card up to the counter to buy certain things. So I thought if bronkaid was discontinued none of the stores took their cards away.

I am glad you got everything cleared up so people can at least look forward to buying bronkaid again in March.

and I am glad that Bayer did not discontinue making such a great selling item.

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if you read the response posted today by Alan, he found out from Bayer that Bronkaid has not been discontinued,

it is still being made but got sold out in a lot of stores since primatine took their mist off the market. Look for Bronkaid back in the stores sometime in March. Hope this helps you out.

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The good prescription inhalers were taken off the market over 10 years ago, so don't bother asking for a prescription rescue inhaler; they're useless, at least for my asthma. My backups were Bronkaid and the Primatene inhaler, and now they're off the market. I'm starting to panic about my next bad attack :(

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I may of found company that has bronkaid in stock. Just do a search for Mr Medical Sales and you should find link to their main page. and then do search for Bronkaid and you will find it.

it must be in stock as it still shows being available to add to the cart to purchase.

it may be one of the first places to get bronkaid back in stock so its worth checking into.

hope this helps everyone out.

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Mr Medical Sales does have Bronkaid in stock.

I received email this morning from them confirming they have it in stock in the 60 tablet boxes and priced about the same as the stores and their shipping is very reasonable. Hope this helps everyone out.

Just do search for Mr Medical Sales and then do search for Bronkaid on their main page.

They are out of New York state.

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Thank you!!!

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HI again.

Looks like Walmart is getting bronkaid back in stock this week. You can check your local stores by going to the walmart site and then searching for bronkaid. On that page you can do search for Bronkaid to see if your local stores have it back in stock yet.

I got my order from Mr Medical this week and it only took a few days to get the bronkaid from them.

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For those who were distraught about Primatene Mist being pulled off the market in 2011, it appears to have been re-released as an over the counter inhaler with the same active ingredient:

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Bronkaid is still manufactured. You can get it at many pharmacies behind the pharmacy counter.

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I just bought a 60 count box in Naples, FL at Walgreens.

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Are you still taking these? I too take this many and would love to chat with you about it.

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I have tried two different pharmacies in NC today and both had the product but when they scanned my driver license I was told they couldn't sell it to me because the DEA's system was down and couldn't verify approval. Unbelievable, I need approval from the DEA to buy a box of Bronkaide.

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I take bronkaid for my asthma I didn't have insurance and going to the er was getting expensive I take 2 a day or as needed I haven't used my inhaler in weeks only bad side is if you grab a coffe or something the jitters are real don't over do it

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I have been clean and sober for three years. Having said that do not hold out for hope. Some people get it and some people do not. If u wanna talk to me about it write back.

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Where are you buying these bronkaid? I thought they were gone.

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Yes, they do the same thing to legit chronic pain patients with pain scripts. Gonna get some bronkaid today because lungs hurt and have bad infections. Curious to see if I get attitude. I mostly ignore it now. People love to judge and won't change until they walk in the shoes, and then they will beg not to be judged.

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6/4/16 Just bought a bottle of 60 at a CVS in Florida (Tampa bay area). Heard it helps with sinus problems.

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