I had just started using Bronkaid when it was recalled. It had helped my breathing tremendously. I switched to Primatene but don't like it as well I've been following the progress of Bronkaid availability, but it is getting frustrating. It was supposed t o be end February. Walmart had a coupon, but then said they had no stock yet. Help!

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If you really don't want to wait any longer for Bronkaid to be restocked, I would actually consider going to a compounding pharmacy to see if they can combine each of the active ingredients in Bronkaid into oral capsules for you: Ephedrine sulfate 25 mg (bronchodilator) + Guaifenesin 400 mg (expectorant).

Just run a google search for a "compounding pharmacy (your city)" and there may even be a few that come up in your area.

I hope this helps!

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I'm sorry, I wish I had more information for you, but they haven't updated the recall notice. It still says that it should be replenished by the end of February.

Have you talked to your doctor?

That would be the best thing to do, they can help you discover something else you can use that may work for you.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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