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I started taking Lo Loestrin Fe on July 2nd, 2012. I was previously on Beyaz for about a year until my yearly checkup with my gynecologist. She switched me to Lo Loestrin Fe because of all of the recent blood clot and legal scares with Beyaz. Anyway, on Beyaz, I was used to having a VERY regular period that started the morning of my last pill in the pack. I was expecting to get my period on the same day as usual with Lo Loestrin Fe, but I have never actually bled. All that I have been shedding is a thick, brown substance. This was normal in the beginning and end of my periods on Beyaz, but on Lo Loestrin Fe, I have never actually had a normal period. I don't know if this is because of the hormonal differences in the pills or if I am pregnant. It is currently 2 days after I should ha...

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I just started Beyaz a little over a week ago, knowing I was going to be expecting my period in a week. My doctor said I could start any time I like, though she recommended I start during the first 24 hours when I did start my period. Am I supposed to be worried if I don't quite start on time or is the Beyaz just effective now because it's passed the 7 days and I'll get it later on? I've only fooled around with my boyfriend once after the 7th day but he pulled out... I'm just really new to birth control. Thank you! ## Normally, when you start a hormonal contraceptive, it will adjust your menstrual cycle accordingly, so you can expect to have your next regular period at the time the contraceptive allows you to do so, which would be during the placebo pill week. Howeve...

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