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Is there a blood pressure medicine alternative to Benicar. I would like to find a cheaper alternative. ## lisinopril/HCTZ (Prinzide®, Zestoretic®). Just found it today on the web. ## can you buy generic benicar ## Unfortunately there will not be a generic available until 2016 when the patent for this drug expires. ## I just bought generic benicar. came from India... you can also get it from Austraila. and Canada. benicar is expencive... its worth it if it helps..I just hope it has all the active ingrediants, not a phony placebo. ## To "Bill" regarding your posting on 10/10 and finding a generic Benicar overseas...have you had time to try this version out and is so, do you feel it is a viable substitute for the American manufactured version? I look forward to your reply...

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What is the generic alternative? ## Hi Ann, Based on my research there is no generic or alternative for Benicar HCT(Olmesartan Medoxomil Hydrochlorothiazide). There is however, a generic for just plain Benicar. It is called Olmecip and like Benicar and Benicar HTC, it contains the ingredients Olmesartan Medoxomil. Learn More: Benicar+HCT Details I hope this info helps!

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I was told by the pharmacist that there is no generic substitution for benicar hct. I would like to know if that is in fact the case as it is very expensive ## Yes, that is true, it is still too new to be available in generic form yet. There are, however, other drugs in the same class. I would suggest speaking to your doctor about using a different medication, telling them that you cannot afford to keep paying for this one. Most doctors just prescribe the name brand that they have most recently thought of, or heard good things about from a recently visiting pharmaceutical representative. It does not necessarily mean one is any better than the other. ## is Tylenol PM contraindcated while taking Benicar?

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I was taking Benicar HCT and had to change because it caused a chemical induced Hepatitus. Which had me in the hospital for a 3 day stay with really bad stomach pains. A Liver specialist believes the cause was the Benicar HCT. ## Are you off of the Benicar HCT, if so, what other prescription were you placed on? I seemed to be having soreness through out my stomach area along with my lower regions. But I am taking Lisprinol, the generic version of Benicar ## Lisinopril is not the generic for Benicar, the generic for Benicar is Olmesartan. The name brand for Lisinopril is Prinivil or Zestril.

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