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i am having loose motion since last 5 days(3 -4 times a day) ,even i am taking norflox-TZ,sporolac powder medicine daily ,also eating banans,but not getting any relieve(should i stopped to drink tea & eating little spicy food, for few days )pls help me.i am very uncomfortable. ## What has your doctor advised? The Norflox-TZ contains the active ingredients Norfloxacin and Tinidazole, it is an antibiotic, used to treat various types of infections and it can cause diarrhea, as a side effect. What where you taking it for? If the diarrhea is a side effect of the medication, then it will likely continue, until you finish your course of treatment, with it. ## i am suffering from loose happened last night for first time.i am also feeling temperature.i go to washroom for 4-5 ti...

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