Bad Side Effects From Wellbutrin Sr


My experience with this medication is so bad I'm looking at felony charges. I became completely irrational, irritable etc.

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Hi Tracy, I hope things are improving for you. I was on 300mg/daily for 2 1/2 years for nerve pain. Bad s--- for sure. See if you can get some L-Tryptophan and some 5-HPT to ease the discontinuation. Remember, ALL SSRI's are harmful, they alter the neuro pathways of the brain, sometimes irreversibly. God be with you, Love and Light, Brad

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my husband was put on gabapentin 300mg for neuropathic pain. The change in his personality was terrifying, A normally rather placid happy go lucky guy turned into a raging bull. He put his fist right throu our bathroom wall and didnt even realise he had done it. He walked into my next door neighbours house and threatened to wipe out her whole family if they didnt keep the noise down and I was scared to disagree with him incase he "went of on one" again. All the time he had suicidal thoughts and was so totally depressed that I feared he might kill himself. He has taken himself off them now and I have got my husband back. He said it was the tablets but his own doctor said no it could'nt be. More investigation needs to be done before someone gets killed or kills themselves.

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I had a Wellbutrin meltdown today that scared the s*** out of me and my family. I felt so much anger and hate towards myself I said horrible things, grabbed the wheel and tried to pull the car off the road, almost jumped out of the car on the highway...I'm only on week two of taking 150 mg SR and I'm so sad and scared because I really need this to work for me to get me out of my depression so I can get a job. Worst part is....I'm still wondering...should I stop taking it? Maybe it will get better...I really don't have the time or the money to be a Rx guinea sister takes WB and loves it.

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that is an irrational response. anytime any doc prescribes meds you then know of all the risks involved and choose to take the med. you also know immediately when you have a bad side effecct and you stop the med. no sense blaming.

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Who's blaming? This is a forum for people to share their stories...that was what happened to me. If you don't have a story to share why are you even posting?

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