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BGO ointment last distributed by Calotabs Co. in Greenville, SC. Company has apparently closed...not further info. Ointment is an antiseptic, antifungal cream for relief of th athlete's foot, ringworm, hemorrhoids, externally caused blemishes, cracked lips, minor cuts, burn and bruises, corns, itching from burning skin due to sunburn and non venomous insect bites. Contains salicylic acid, sulphur, zinc oxide, phenol calamine, menthol, petrolatum lanolin and mineral oil. Have used this product for over 50 years and it works great. Would be so happy to find a new distributor if one exists.

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This stuff is great. I still have one new bottle since i bought all the local drug store had a few years ago. I too have researched and not found anything on where we might get some more. It is good inside the mouth too, though not listed as an approaved application. It is good for a miriad of skin ailments as well as gums. Might be something wrong with putting it in the mouth, so you might be harmed by this use.
Legal aside this is wonderful medicine.

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I am ordering the ointment that will be compounded with the same ingredients as BGO. I have to purhcase this in large quantites.

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Where are you getting the product from and what is the name? Have been looking for BGO for years.

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I have recently been informed about the healing properties of BGO Cream by a coworker. My wife and I own a Pharmacy named Beasley Drug Company with access to a compounding lab and are interested in discovering the formulation of B-G-O Ointment. The compounding laws are very specific, so when we figure out a similar equivalent, we will only be able to compound on request. I'll keep you informed of how the process goes. If anyone knows the percentages of the

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...compound, just let us know and we can have the product.

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I am 61 yrs old and have used BGO for 55+ years. It is FANTASTIC!!! My relatives used to come from Ohio and buy 6 containers at a time. I still have 1/2 bottle left and use it very sparingly. Hoping it will last until I die! It will heal a wound 3 times faster than anything I have ever tried.

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My mother just scraped the last smidgen of the ointment out of her old white plastic container. She asked me to try and find her some more but saw that the company has closed.
WHY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!!! With so many people using it and loves it. Her mother my grandmother used it on everything. And swore it was miraculous.
Have you figure out the compound formula yet. Please keep me in the loop.
Thank you

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We have the ingredients but not the concentrations. We'll post when we have a similar product available.

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Would love to find out about its availability as well. Please compound this... it would make many many many friends and family very happy.

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Any 2015 update on Beasley Drug Company's efforts to reproduce BGO ointment? I sure would love to buy some. I've had a bottle of it since the 60's and it is down to smears in the bottle. I hope you can reproduce this great ointment.

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Me too! My family can vouch for BGO and it does work miracles! I would love to be able to buy it again.

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Do you think the formula would have a patent registered? If formulas are protected this way. I thought maybe Beasley Drug Company might find what they need to recreate the BGO ointment. I know I would buy it.

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June 2016..... I would love to find the (B G O) also, it was a miracle cure in a tiny bottle.

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To: BeasleyDrugCompany, Any progress on BGO concentrations for recreating a product like BGO?

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Regarding the compound ingredients and their percentages needed, would you be able to determine the percentages if someone who still had some of the product gave you some to experiment with? Several of the people who commented indicated they still had some of the product. Perhaps one of them would be willing to share some with you.

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I own a pharmacy that can compound very similar (using the same active ingredients) then only thing different would be the inactive ingredients, like the ointment base. It would require a prescription but the pharmacist can handle that for you. Corner Drugs & Compounding Center, Chatsworth GA 30705 706-695-0444.

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I was plundering through a friends house the other day. His mother died and he told me i can have anything i wanted. I found a little jar of BGO jackpot! I said I'm done i found a treasure. My grandma swore by it.Because of my grandma it is priceless to me. There is only a little bit left and i refuse to use it

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Re: Jacob (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I have a box from B.G.O an some are listed on it will that help you. I loved this ointment best I've ever used

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We have a bottle of BGO and we would love to purchase more. You can read the ingredients on the bottle, but no amounts are given. I wish I could send a picture, I would.

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Re: Corner Drugs (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

My grandparents lived in Chatsworth, Ga. Can l purchase BGO from your drugstore?

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Re: Scott (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Where can BGO be purchased?

Thank you

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Re: Corner Drugs (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

These people are great! I wish I had a pharmacy like this where I live!

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Re: Jacob (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I would love to find out if you have any updates on the BGO ointment availability? {edited for privacy}

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Re: Lori Lukasiewic (# 45) Expand Referenced Message

Did you give him the ingredients listed in this thread?

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Re: Lori Lukasiewic (# 45) Expand Referenced Message

Can you send me the formula?

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Re: Peggy (# 62) Expand Referenced Message

Check out Casey's reply (# 55) - they listed ingredients which could potentially be taken to a compounding pharmacist, and they also provided a link to a possible alternative.

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Re: DIANNE (# 61) Expand Referenced Message

If you find out let me know. I loved it.

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Re: Stacie Cowart (# 59) Expand Referenced Message

How do I get BGO or formula for it to give to pharmacist?

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Re: Lori Lukasiewic (# 45) Expand Referenced Message

Can you share it me the formula you gave to your pharmacy! I would limit to give to my pharmacy to make for me! Thanks

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