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Anyone have horrible reactions with this batch number? All 4 needles caused fingers, toes to go numb. Could not get war - chills so bad I could hardly walk. Horrible pressure in base of neck. Contacted AVONEX - Biogen but they seemed not bothered. Obviously becayse they don't have to take the needles. Also does anyone have problemd taking AVONEX and over the counter cold medication, Codine ect??


I have MS for over twenty years. I must say I have been blessed I have been very active and mobile for most of those years, I took avonex for ten years. The first five or six were very good I stayed very active, just had few flu like symptoms at first. The next five or so years things changed gradually started going down. The medication wasn't doing me any good anymore. I went for a year or so doing nothing and I wasn't better but I wasn't that much worse. I was so excited to hear bout amprya. Just like everyone else my expectations were high. I have taken Ampyra for about 3 months. First month and a half notice some good change in my energy and coordination, although I had insomnia, when I did sleep had horrible, bizarre dreams. I was dealing with that, but now I am having ...

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watson 349 amox calv 875mg pills ## I have been sick with broncitis and ac acute sinusictis, I have taken a round of Zepro which did not get rid of it so my doctor put me on Amoxiclave Tab 875mg. I was wondering what the side effect were. I have MS and I have to take an Avonex shot once a week, Topamax 100 mgs daiily and Zanaflax 6 mg ## This is a generic for the antibiotic Augmentin. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, diarrhea, drowsiness and skin rash.

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